Florabundance: August 2009

25 August 2009

Tag : THE List

I just couldn't resist this tag! The 5 celebrities it would be sort of ok to cheat with.. genius idea.

1. Adam Brody...
Ah Seth Cohen, the love of my life. Seeing as he is a TV character and not real, I would more than be happy to settle for the next best thing.. Mr Brody himself.

2. Matt Bellamy...
Ok I realise I am probably going to have noone agreeing with me on this, but I would marry this man in a second. He's sexy because he's talented. I am a huge Muse fan and I just think the guy is a genius. Ooooooft.

3. Zac Efron...
Yes, it's The Efron. He's just gorgeous! Nothing more to say ;)

4. Jude Law...
I understand he may be almost twice my age, but I couldn't care less. Probably my longest standing celeb crush, he looks bloody gorgeous in Alfie!

5. Ryan Gosling...
He's not stereotypically gorgeous, but there's just something about him that I find very attractive. Plus, two words: The Notebook. Who doesn't want to find their Noah?!
I tag everyone to do this - love reading these posts!
Lydia xox

24 August 2009

Products of the moment..

Yes, another way to say "What I'm Using Right Now" - I logged on to blogger this morning to see a million and one posts of this lol! So yes I am jumping on the bandwagon!

Shampoo - Dove Heat Defence Theraphy (this is awesome)

Conditioner - Dove Heat Defence Theraphy (again... can't get enough of this s&c!)

Styling products - Kerastase Oleo-Relax Serum

Shower gel - Lush Happy Hippy

Body moisturiser - I'm still using up my Ambre Solaire aftersun in a bid to keep my (real!) tan!

Deodorant - Sure .. don't know the full name, but it is by Sure!

Fake tan - None!

Cleanser - Clinique Face Wash

Toner - Lush Tea Tree Toner

Exfoliator - A new YSL one.. I got given a sample tube!

Primer - Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid

Foundation brush - MAC 190.. but only if I have the time!

Concealer - Benefit Boi-ing

Powder - None, I set my face with MAC's MSF Natural

Blusher - Illamasqua cream blush in 'Lies'

Bronzer - YSL poudres de soleil in 01

Highlighter - My blush is high shine so it sort of moonlights as both because I have a tan

Eyeshadows - Hmm.. Been using MAC's Shadowy Lady and Naked Lunch a lot recently

Eyeliner - MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack for upper lash line, MAC Powerpoint Pencil in Engraved for lower lash line

Curler - No7

Mascara - L'oreal Voluminous x5 in Black

Lipstick - YSL Rouge Volupte in 7 Pink Lingerie

Lipgloss - MAC Dazzleglass in Smile

Nail colour - Chanel nail polish in Noir Ceramic

:) Happy Monday everyone.. I have tried countless amount of times to record a video but my camera won't let me record for longer than 5 minutes.. and my built in webcam is not in sync with my voice.. so today I try the computers laptop.. here's to hoping!!

Lydia xox

23 August 2009

Signature Scent

“A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future.”
Coco Chanel
What a great quote!
My 'signature scent' is Chanel Chance. I've worn it for years, I very rarely stray from using it and when I do, you can gurantee I will always come back to this.

Do you have a signature scent? What is it?
Lydia xox

17 August 2009

MAC MSF Natural Application

I don't know how you all apply your MSF Natural's, but I always dusted it all over my face with my MAC 134 to set my make-up. Anyway, today I was playing around with my make-up - a little bored, truth be told - and I decided to try out applying my MSF Natural with my Body Shop kabuki brush. I swirled the brush around in the compact then buffed it onto my cheeks, as I would do if I was blending my blush. The effects were awesome! It made my skin look really flawless, and it looked less 'cakey' than it does when it's just dusted on.

I'm not quite sure if I decided to do this because it was floating around in the back of my head from seeing some other beauty blogger/ YT guru do or mention it, or if it was just one of those things I did on a whim. So sorry if you've heard this and already do this, but this is for the people who were totally oblivious, like me!
Lydia xox

FOTD 17/08/09

Hey everyone, another FOTD. Hope these aren't too boring or repetitive when I post them frequently?
Anyway, I didn't go anywhere today but I still put my make-up on because I felt like experimenting! I always try more daring things when I'm not going anywhere because it's ok if it ends up a mess :)

*MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NW15 (too pale for me now I have a tan, I know - bronzer sorted that out though!)
*MAC MSF in Medium Dark - this time buffed all over my face with my Body Shop kabuki brush - wow what a difference this made! Post to follow..
*YSL Bronzer in 01
*Illamasqua Cream Blush in Lies - corr look at the shine on my cheeks! that is all down to the wonderful cream blush :)
Gosh Darling - it has worn off a little here

MAC Pigment in Vanilla all over the lid up to brows
MAC e/s in Shadowy Lady in outer corner and crease, blended with MAC 217 brush
MAC Powerpoint Eyeliner in Engraved on lower lash line
L'oreal Voluminous x5 Mascara

I decided to try out a new blending technique shown in Pixiwoo's 'BASICS' series on YouTube. It was very helpful and how I apply and blend my eye make-up has immensely benefitted from watching. I highly recommend!

Hope your Mondays weren't too bad,

Lydia xox

Laurens Giveaway

The lovely Lauren is having a great giveaway to celebrate 100 followers! Check her blog out to see the great prizes she has on offer :) all you have to do is be a subscriber, think up a beauty slogan, post a blog on it :)

Lydia xox

16 August 2009

FOTD 15/08/09

Hello.. yet another FOTD! Two in one day - odd, right?! Well they are from different days :)

This was from Friday. I woke up 45 mins later than planned, and 45 mins can make a huge difference y'know! So I skimped it with my eye make-up and that's why I wanted to show you :) I liked this simple look a lot.

Basically I just lined my eyes with MAC's Powerpoint Eyeliner in Engraved. I don't normally line my top lash line with kohl because I prefer liquid or gel liners - it creates bigger impact. But I love how subtle it looks when both lash lines are lined with kohl. Plus, the eyeliner I used is not a full on black - it shows up quite grey. I love it!

Close up of my eyes and the colour.

I am def. going to be wearing this look to my early morning lectures, come Sept/Oct when university starts back. It took me literally 2 mins!

Hope you like it,


FOTD + Haul 13/08/09

Hey everyone, so me and my best friend went shopping on Thursday in Cardiff. A bit of delay in uploading these seeing as it is now Sunday, but blogger has been totally rubbish for me recently!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Shadestick in Sharkskin - drawn along my lash line on my lid
MAC Violet pigment sweeped all over my eyes - this turns the line of shadestick a gorgeous blue-purple
L'oreal Voluminous x5 Mascara
MAC Eyeliner in Engraved - lower lash line

Face (below):
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC20
MAC MSF Medium Dark
YSL Bronzer in 01
Light dusting of MAC's Pink Swoon blush

What I bought:

I was specifically on the lookout for a new dress, and Topshop is my favourite place for dresses. I picked up this cute floral one for £40. It's a little bit quirky which I liked, and it's purple which is quickly becoming my favourite colour at the moment!

I fell in love with this gorgeous midnight blue long top from New Look. It was £18 (I think!) and I thought it would be perfect with leggings or jeans for a night out with heels! Sometimes I like to dress down a little (dressing down for me is not wearing a dress or skirt haha) so this will get a lot of use. I just love the colour more than anything else!

I bought this neckalce from Primark! It was only £2 and I like to have some cheap costume jewellery. Again, it's purple - can you tell I'm a bit obsessed right now?!

In Superdrug I bought MaxFactor's False Lash Effect mascara and NYC nail polish in Madison.
It's crazy - I didn't stray from using Dior Diorsow Blackout Mascara for months and months, and now recently I am buying all these drugstore brands - I don't know what's up with me! Anyway, MaxFactor is a brand I have always thought highly of - I couldn't live without their Masterpiece mascara about a year ago!
The NYC polish is gorgeous. A lovely cherry red.

Then when I went to MAC I was on best behaviour. I didn't want to splurge because I must have spent £100's at MAC over the last few months. I controlled myself and just bought a MAC pigment (loving these recently) in Vanilla which I know I will get a lot of use out of, and the 227 brush to apply it.

In Cardiff, the Illamasqua counter is just opposite MAC in Debenhams so I was easily led astray. Truth be told, I did plan to buy something from there anyway but I wanted to get a lipgloss - and came away with a cream blush! The MA put it on me and it just looked gorgeous. Really shimmery and baby pink, 'Lies' works as a great highlight/subtle blush with my tan. Really happy with that purchase, I want more Illamasqua Cream Blushes now!
And that was it. More blog posts to come from me today, I am on a roll my lovelies...
Lydia xox

15 August 2009

RIP Ramblings of a Student with a Shopping Addiction

Hello everyone, I have decided to change the name of my blog to 'Shopaholic Anonymous'.

The reason for this is mainly that my former blog name was far too long, and I thought it may lead people to believe I am dishing out advice and recommending beauty products that are budget-esque and purse-friendly. I may well be a student on a students budget, but the majority ofp roducts I use are high end. I think my new blog name is more fitting, even though I am not totally anonymous, of course you know my name and a few personal details.. but I like to think of it as this is my 'rehab'. I come here to talk about all beauty products that I don't do with my real life friends and family..

Hope the change isn't too confusing,

Lydia xox

Blog Award: 12 Blogs I Love Reading

A huge thanks to the gorgeous Nikki who tagged me for this award. I always appreciate receiving blog awards but I particularly like this one because it is a chance to give shout outs to the blogs you enjoy the most. It is a nice way to say "you're doing a great job!"

My Favourite 12 Blogs:

I know some of these blogs are huge blogs with many followers and I don't expect them to repost this blog award, but I wanted to be honest in which blogs I absolutely adore reading.

Happy Saturday everyone,

Lydia xox

p.s. sorry that the first time I published this, the links didn't work - stupid blogger!!!

14 August 2009

Update 14/08/09

I nabbed this little idea from Talluhlahbella and thought it was a nice way to update you, short and sweet.

Mood: Exhausted

First words out of my mouth this morning: "Come here kitty!" - my mum opened my bedroom door and my cat came bursting in purring aww :)

What I’m looking forward to this weekend: Getting lots of sleep and doing some reading. Will hopefully play around with some of my new make-up aswell.

One thing I’d like to improve about myself: Be more active - at weekends I don't even get the regular amount of exercise from just simple being active-ness if that makes sense.. I don't even walk much lol!

On my makeup lust list: MAC e/s in Smoke and Diamonds, more Illamasqua cream blushes (big love for these!)

Cheeks: Illamasqua Cream Blush in 'Lies'

Lips: MAC Naked Honey Skin Salve

Outfit: Black and white stripy dress with leggings

Fragrance: Boss Orange :) mm so happy I bought it at duty free because it is so lush!

Weekend goals: Upload all my photos and sort them out then bash some blogs out! I've been meaning to do it for days argh!

Tonights plans: Sharing a pizza with my mum whilst settling down to watch Big Brother :)

Have a great weekend all, hopefully be blogging in the morning!

Lydia xox

11 August 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

The lovely Jean tagged me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I love receiving awards on here, they are so sweet!

Without any real instructions Jean guessed we have to give 7 facts about ourselves, so here I will follow suit...

I have done similar blog posts to these before so I will try think of new ones

1) I am most definitely a cat person. If I grow up to be a weird cat lady who lives alone with 6 cats I'd be more than happy. What I miss most when I'm away at uni? No, not my mum, it's my kitty laying beside me purring in the evenings.

2) I've known my best friend since I was 3, and we're still going strong.

3) I like 'new'. New friends, new lifestyle, new environment. Change is inevitable and I embrace that. I chose to do a totally new subject at university and I couldn't be more pleased with my decision. I have found a new subject to love and be passionate about, and I've even decided on a career from it.

4) The majority of the time I follow my head. I think I'm quite a sensible person, I've never felt the need to 'rebel'.

5) I have my tongue pierced.. I don't think anyone ever notices that, which is great in work situations!

6) My home at home is a bungalow.. it has made me want to live in bungalows for the rest of my life, they are so cute!

7) I just received a cheque for £156 as compensation from university.. I guess it pays to live in a noisy building!

I tag...

Lauren Catanya Rocaille/

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Lydia xox

10 August 2009

Hula Girl, including EOTN

So on Friday I went out for my best friends birthday. She decided she wanted it to be fancy dress so I opted for a cheap and easy option.. a hula girl!

Make up worn:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC20
MAC MSF Natural Medium Dark
YSL Bronzer in shade 01

Eye make-up:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Solstice - all over eye
MAC Pigment in Violet - outer corner and into crease
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
L'oreal Voluminous x5 Mascara in Carbon Black
MAC Powerpoint Eyeliner in Engraved

And above is my outfit :) I wore gold sandals but you can't see them in the photo.

I might do a what's in my bag video later.. I don't normally do videos but it is the easiest way to show and tell.. it is getting a lot of work to photograph hauls and products etc, upload them, crop them, upload them to blogger etc...... but I'm not sure if I want to commit to youtube or even just blogger videos.. I don't know? What do you guys think?

Lydia XOX

A new favourite lip combo!

Just a mini-post to say I have been digging red lips for quite some time now, but I always feel slightly silly wearing them.

I bought Revlon's Cherries In The Snow lipstick and thought it was one of the first reds that I'd bought which was really wearable. It's not overpowering and it has a slight pinky tone to it too.

Here I paired it with a Chanel lipgloss in shade 65.. because of the gloss I don't feel so self-conscious and I'm less worried about smudging. It tones the in-your-faceness of it down too.
I'm really pleased I paired these because I'm going to finally be sporting red lips the next time I go on a night out! :)

Lydia xox

8 August 2009

Some Cuba Photos

Ok so I will only share a few of my holiday snaps. It takes too long to upload, and this blog isn't really about sharing my personal life.. so I hope you like the ones I've picked!

Cuba is a beautiful place, with amazing culture and gorgeous scenary. The people are incredibly nice, and it makes you realise how lucky you really are. These people are living off next to nothing and work so hard, yet are some of the friendliest, cheerful people you could ever come across. My time there, 7 days, was far too short. I will be definitely returning, and for two weeks next time!

Me and my best friend waiting for the train to Gatwick

Becka and me on the train :)

The sunset in Cuba was gorgeous!

Playa Esmeralda beach

Blue skies and white sands.. take me back now!

All of us, minus Beckas dad, at the French a la carte restaurant... look how themed I am with my eiffel tower dress lol!

Us at 'tea time' - 5pm every day a sort of happy hour at one of the bars... fun times!
In Guardalavaca town

Apparently this is a 'Chevvy' lol I'm clueless with cars...

Some pre-night photo posing haha.

Drinking orange Daquiris :)
I'm so sad to be home. Hope you all had a great week.
XOX Lydia