Florabundance: July 2009

27 July 2009

Adios.. Hasta Luego.. Hola Cuba :-)

Yes so today I am travelling up to Gatwick to stay overnight, then tomorrow morning I am jetting off to Cuba :-) this is the most excited I have ever been for a holiday, and (not to brag) I've been on many a holiday!

So I will be absent for a week, and promise to take a gazillion photos for you guys!

Have a great week

Lydia xox

OOH p.s. Collection 2000 nail varnishes SUCK! Dynasty is such a nice colour but the paint is thick and gross and I've had to remove it already due to a chip.. I'll be sporting OPI's California Raspberry instead :-)

P.p.s today I've hit 100 followers - I will run a contest when I return home

26 July 2009

Sunday Shout Out

I pinched this sweet little idea from Daisy a while ago, but haven't posted one for a while.

So my shout out goes to Nikki at CocoBella

Her blog is so cute, she has great style and she's from New York (personally I find some of the best beauty bloggers around are from NY)!

Check her out :-)

Lydia xox

Haul - MAC & Superdrug

Hey guys. Okay so on Friday I went shopping in Cardiff. I went to pick up the last few things for my holiday, and to try and pick Claire (cheekymonkey84) up a Colour Crafted lipstick (sorry!). There is both a MAC store and a MAC counter in Cardiff, so clearly the temptation was too much - I spent a tonne there!

First of all, I was just browsing around Superdrug - looking for content prizes etc. I picked up and put down like a million and one things, but ended up coming away with Revelon's Cherries in The Snow lipstick and Collection 2000's nail polish in Dynasty. Both I heard from Laura (lollipop26) and both I fell in love with!!

Below is a bit of a rubbish swatch of the lipstick - I was in such a rush photographing the items, getting the photos on the laptop etc (I swear I should just make videos would be quicker and easier!)
I will do a post of the nail varnish once I've applied it -I'm going to wear it on holiday because it's a lovely pastel shade.

Then, surprise surprise, onto MAC! My favourite MA served me, and she created many lemmings for me - I wanted to take half the shop home!
This is what I got all together:

MAC e/s in Humid (left) and Bitter (right) - they are gorgeous and so complementary.

Here are the e/s swatches below..

Naked Honey Skin Salve - I was lucky to pick up the last one in the store, so I was very pleased. I have already used it every night since getting it and I am so sad it is limited edition - this stuff is wonderful! My favourite thing to use it on is lips and feet - I smothered my feet in it, put socks on and went to bed - the next morning my feet were incredibly soft!

The next 2 purchases were random and on a whim. I planned to get the green e/s and skin salve, but the MA was chatting to me about new collections and then it lead to looking at shadesticks.. then pigments.. lipglosses.. and voila, I ended up buying one Shadestick in Sharkskin and one Pigment in Lilac.

It is my first ever shadestick, I wasn't really interested in them untill the MA showed me what I could do with them.
The above swatch is the Lilac Pigment on top of the Snakeskin Shadestick - wow look how vibrant it is!
Then the bottom swatch is the Lilac Pigment on its own.
The shadesticks are waterproof and really gives pigments huge staying power - almost impossible to remove without make-up remover!

And finally, I got my paws on the 226 brush. I regretted not picking it up with my Colour Crafted haul and was so glad there were still some 226's in store. I have not had the time to play around with this yet but I am so excited to! I might have to put some make-up on today purely just to play with it hehe!

I will be leaving for Gatwick airport tomorrow afternoon, and I am flying on to Cuba on Tuesday so I am not sure if I will be able to squeeze a blog in before then. If not, have a great week everyone,
Lydia xox
p.s. I will hopefully be updating my Twitter from my Blackberry as often as I can, so follow me if you fancy some updates and photos from my holiday

25 July 2009

LUSH Shiny Happy People Gift Box

On Thursday I got given this belated birthday present off a friend I hadn't seen for a few weeks, and she was away for my birthday. I was MORE than pleased with what I got - I absolutely love Lush goodies, and this is my first ever gift box from there!

She gave me the Shiny Happy People Gift Box :-)

What's in it:
*Happy Hippy Shower Gel
*Sandstone Soap
*Up You Gets Emotibomb

Happy Hippy shower gel is absolutely gorgeous. It smells like lemons and is so fresh. I will be using this for my morning showers/baths because it is has that 'wake up!' smell to it. I would repurchase this because it is very pleasant smelling, and does the job nicely. The texture is a bit like thick jelly, but when you apply it it still manages to work up a lather.

Sandstone soap is another fresh smelling product. I've only used this once but I was pleased with it. It felt a little rough, like it had some sort of exfoliating aspect to it - but that wasn't stated on the label. I wouldn't be in a hurry to re-purchase this because I prefer sweeter smelling soaps i.e. the beloved Rockstar soap. But it is great for the mornings, just like Happy Hippy.

Up You Get emotibomb is, quite simply, AMAZING! It has a zingy lemon citrus smell, that made the gift box smell wonderful before I even opened it. As it sat on my shelf in the bathroom, waiting to be used, it stank the whole bathroom out in a wonderful, refreshing way! When I walked in the bathroom it is all I could smell. I'm a bit sad now I've used it, that the smell no longer lingers. I am def. buying this as soon as I can get my hands on it!

Hope you are all having a great Saturday - mine is lazy!
Thanks for reading, I will try to squeeze my MAC haul post in before I jet off on holiday !

Lydia xox

24 July 2009

FOTN + OOTN 23/07/09

Ok so it seemed a lot of you liked the last post I did like this, so I am making it more of a regular thing :)

Last night I went to my local Wetherspoons for drinks with the girls.

Here's what I wore :

Floral dress (Topshop - sale yay!)
Ankle length leggings (Next)
Purple long cardigan with cropped sleeves (Oasis)
Shoes not shown here - I swear I didn't go out barefoot lol!

And this is what my make-up looked like:

Studio Fix Fluid NC20
MSF Natural in Medium/Dark
Pink Swoon blush
MSF - Triple fusion (I used the colours seperately - the champagne colour as a highlight, and the bronze colour as a contour. I then dusted the pink over my blush for some shimmer)
MAC e/s in shades All That Glitters (inner corner), Tempting (outer corner and crease)
Rimmel Sexy Curves
MAC eyeliner in Engraved
GOSH Darling lipstick
Body Shop lip balm
Yay, it's Friday! I did quite a lot of shopping today, a lot was spent at MAC so expect a haul post over the weekend from me.
Lydia xox

22 July 2009

Some Haulage - inc.Benefit eyebrow wax review

Yesterday I went shopping - it was absolutely pouring down with rain all day long but I had to go as I needed to get my eyebrows waxed for my holiday - I have been holding out nearly 7 weeks you know .. that is some serious overgrown eyebrows I had ha!

Benefit Wax Experience
I normally get my eyebrows done by a girl who calls to my house, however I haven't been able to get in touch with her so I opted to get them tamed at my local Benefit counter.

To sum the experience up..
Cost: £11.50
Value for money: Definitely worth paying the £4 extra than normal, the girl was quick - no overlapping waxes, and minimal plucking afterwards. She also constantly checked with me to see if they were ok - that way you will never have too much taken off.
Results: My eyebrows looked great. She cleaned the area and applied Boi-ing concealer afterwards so I didn't have to walk around with red marks and missing foundation from around the eyebrows!
Would I get it done again?: Definitely, next appointment is already booked!

Whilst I was at Benefit I picked up their Boi-ing concealer in shade 2. When I bought a bunch of make-up at Benefit about 2 years ago, I really wanted to buy this but they were out of my shade so I never got it. So I actually picked this up and am very happy to have it!

Then I went to Acessorize because they had huge SALE posters in the window!

I got this really cute Owl print make-up bag. Sadly it was not in the sale, but I felt it was worth the money. It is black with wipe down material on the inside, plus it is just too cute! This is going to be what I take my make-up in on holiday.

This gorgeous necklace I picked up was also not in the sale, but I kept going back and forth to it and in the end thought "sod it!" and bought it :D

And the one thing I did get that was in the sale was this pretty flower ring - £5 instead of £10 which was a bit of a bargain in my opinion. I love flower rings :)

Then I called into Boots because I wanted to pick up L'oreal Voluminous (x5) Mascara. I got it but I have yet to try it. Will do a blog post on this - I've heard loads about it but never actually seen a review.
Along with the mascara I picked up Rimmel 60 Seconds nail varnish in 809 'Blue Me Away' which is just so pretty!

What the mascara brush looks like. Hmm doesn't look like anything special which is a let down at first sight.

Here is the nail varnish (with flash) - it seems more blue on the brush, than the bottle shows.

Finally, I went to Lush just to re-stock basically.
I picked up a Creamy Candy Bubble Bar because I've been using the Karma bar for about two weeks, and I fancy a more sweet smelling bath :) I've used Creamy Candy lots of times and I think it's probably my favourite bubble bar.

I also wanted a new face mask. I loved using Cupcake, but I want to try a few more before I can decide on a favourite and keep re-purchasing.
After chatting to the assistant, I chose Catastrophe Cosmetic - it sounds like it has multiple uses from what the Lush girls told me so that swinged it for me. Apparently it is amazing for sunburn, which could be handy for when I get back from my holidays! It tones down redness, soothes the skin and is all round good for your skin and fighting spots. I will do a review on this once I've used it a few times :)

The last thing I picked up from Lush were two bath melts - which I didn't photgraph as they were packed together, and I'm going to do a review on them in a seperate post at some point.

Happy Wednesday everyone, I'm off for a meal and to see Harry Potter tonight for a friends birthday. May do another blog on my make-up and outfit as it proved popular with you guys last time.
Lydia Xox

EOTD 21/07/09

Here's how I wore my eye make-up yesterday :) to be honest I was playing around and experimenting and I'm just lucky it turned out okay!

What I used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Naked Lunch e/s all over the lid applied with 217 brush
MAC Black Tied e/s applied with Body Shop Angled brush on outer corner to create a V
MAC Shadowy Lady e/s dusted over with 217 brush
Rimmel Sexy Curves masacara
MAC eyeliner in Engraved

Excuse the scraped back hair - it was raining so hard yesterday and it was soo not worth the hair effort!

Hope you like it,

Lydia xox

21 July 2009

Tag time

Whats your favourite makeup look?
If I'm totally honest it is plain and simple - foundation, blush, lipgloss, mascara and bottom lash line lined with kohl eyeliner. This is my every day look, it is hassle free and fool proof :)
When I have a bit more time to spend, I like to vamp it up a bit, dark eye make-up and pink lips.

What part of your body do you love?
My boobs and waist.. I'm a mix of hourglass and pear shaped, which means everything hips up is great haha.

Who is your beauty icon?
Tough question. I think Scarlett Johansson is beautiful, so in that 'beauty' respect it would be her. But for make-up beauty, it is noone. You can forever build you skills in that area.

What beauty products instantly make you feel sexy?
Lipgloss - makes me wanna pout all the time and show off my lips haha. Lush massage bars, or any oil based product because they make your legs look incredible!

How do you look after your skin?
Clinique 3 step has totally revised my whole routine with skincare. Before I discovered that, I used wipes and that was it - figured my skin didn't need a toner, and my skin was too oily to be moisturised - boy, was I wrong! Now I wash my skin with Clinique face wash. I currently use Lush Tea Tree Water as a toner. Then I use YSL moisturiser. I use Lush facemasks atleast twice a week too.

What is your signature scent?
Chanel - Chance.

What are your hair secrets?
None in particular - my hair is in quite bad condition because I loved having white blonde hair for many years. I'm currently going through the process of growing it out, and only having highlights.
My only hair secret would be: leave a hair conditioning mask on overnight atleast once a week, and always air dry your hair when possible.

How do you pamper yourself?
A bath with Lush products :) including a face mask. Then curl up in bed to watch a film.

What is your pet peeve?
Streaky/orange/smelly fake tan. Get over it, ladies. Natural is best. Tanned = summer, natural. Pale = winter, natural.

What would be your desert island must haves?
Suncream, shampoo&conditioner, mascara, concealer, lip balm, book.

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?
Let make-up enhance your natural beauty, not mask it.
Look after your skin, always. It's delicate and you should preserve your natural beauty.

For this, I tag absolutely anyone who fancies doing it :) I enjoy reading these kind of posts so the more the merrier I say..

Lydia xox

19 July 2009

FOTN 18/07/09

Last night I went out with the girls so here is my face of the night and outfit of the night :)

Dress - from the beachwear section at Topshop, It's so pretty and versatile, I think it's great for nights out too.
Black belt - Topshop
Uber thick black tights - Accessorize
Black patent Mary Janes - Dorothy Perkins

LOL at the photo - I look like I'm wearing a scarf of curly blonde hair!
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC20
MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark
MAC blush in Dollymix
MAC eyeliner in Engraved
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
MAC Dazzleglass in Smile
woo bit of a MAC fest there, I know! It just happened to be what I reached for. I didn't have enough time to be creative in the eye department sadly, but I think a neutral eye works better when you have big done-up hair.
Hope you all had a great weekend.

18 July 2009

Contest coming up..

Hello! Ok so today I logged on to see 80 followers which got me thinking - the numbers creep up every day and when it gets to 100 I want to hold a contest or a giveaway! I have started to think up some ideas and will start collecting prizes soon.

Keep your eyes peeled :)

Have a great weekend everyone,

Lydia xox

16 July 2009

Holiday / Sun Hair Care ?

Ok so this isn't a post telling you about products, more of a .. can my followers recommend anything to me?

Last year I used Redken's sun range which I loved, this year they have changed the products and before I clicked "add to basket" on HQhair.com I thought I'd see if my lovely followers had anything to share?
The reason I am put off by Redken this year is that they don't have a normal conditioner, but a tub of leave in conditioner - I don't want my hair to be oily and greasy as a result of using this every evening. On the other hand, it couldbe more beneficial? A deeper conditioning, meaning softer, healthy looking hair?
I know a lot of people skip on holiday hair care, but my hair still has quite a lot of bleach in it - it is now half healthy, half very porus and dry, so it will need looking after in that hot Cuban sun.
Please, let me know of anything! :) good or bad - atleast I'll know what to avoid that way!
Lydia xo

13 July 2009

EOTD with Colour Craft quad

Yesterday I went out for Sunday dinner with my grandparents which was pretty low key, so I went for a soft look. My grandad even complimented me on my make-up, which is an absolute first ha!

I used my new Fashion Patch quad (shown below)
From it, I used the white (top right) for the inner corner, and the lilac (bottom left) for the rest of the eye. I swished my brush with the white on it into my crease a little to soften it up a bit. It was a quick application, with pretty results in my opinion :)

Lydia xox

MAC Colour Craft

I was so excited for the Colour Craft Collection to arrive.. but when it appeared on the MAC website I wasn't that excited - it wasn't something I desperately wanted to get my hands on any more. Even after seeing it in the MAC store, I only came away with 3 items. I think everything I got was beautiful and I'm so happy with my purchases, regardless.

What I picked up:
Lipstick in Colour Crafted
MSF in Triple Fusion
E/S quad in Fashion Patch

they are all soo pretty :)

The eyeshadow quads were by far my favourite thing in the collection. Especially Fashion Patch (pictured below) - it is so bold and beautiful. The other quads had colours more fitting, these are a bit more 'out there' and I've already had fun experimenting with it.

Here are swatches of the colours. The lilac is by far the most gorgeous!! Wow

I thought I was going to want to pick up ALL of the MSF's - but after close studying, there was only one I really really wanted and thought would work well for me. It was Triple Fusion. It has a baby pink, a peachy bronze and then a champagne gold.

Below are the swatches of Triple Fusion MSF - SO pretty. I am going to shimmer myself up with this on holiday. It is a lot more goldy bronze than tanned bronze, but I like that. I don't want to look over the top.

And finally, a swatch of the Colour Crafted lipstick. It is a baby pink (very light, so click on the photo to get a better idea of the colour.) it is so pretty, it has a lot more pink in it than I imagined which I like. A swipe of gloss over the top of this is pure gorgeousness!

The final thing I got from MAC, which wasn't part of the collection was the 239 brush. I planned to get this, it was not an impulse buy. Great brush, surprisingly good for inner corner and crease. Happy to add this to my collection of brushes :-)

What did you get from Colour Craft?
Lydia xox

10 July 2009

EOTD and new hair

Wanted to share this look with you because I t hink it is simple, easy and quick. Not to mention so pretty!

Excuse my unruly eyebrows - they are 2 weeks overdue but I'm hanging on an extra week before I get them waxxed so that they will be perfect for my holiday!

All I am wearing on my eyes is:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Naked Lunch - all over lid then re-applied at the end to inner corners
Sable - outer corner and into crease
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero

It is as simple as that! It is so natural too, my mum loves it and is going to do her eyes like this for work.. glad I influenced someone anyway!

Onto hair. As a lot of you may know, I am on a hair journey. Transforming the bleached blonde look for a more natural looking highlighted blonde. It is not an easy transformation (bleached hair is really porus and it is hard to get colour to "grab" onto it and stay) and I have been really patient, trusting my hairdresser every step of the way. When I got my hair done on Wednesday I really felt like I have gotten somewhere...

I get a full head of highlights, an equal split of one half Lightest Blonde, one half Sahara Gold. It has really toned down the harshness of the white and I love it. It is SO much healthier for my hair too.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,
L xox

Mini Bargain Haul

So I just wanted to show you the bargains I have picked up this week.. they are pretty good me thinks :)

First of all is this peacock style bangle from Sainsbury's, which is a UK supermarket if you are unfamiliar with the name. It cost me just £4 and I think it's beautiful and unusual!

Later on in the week I rummaged through the Topshop sale in my hometown. It is quite a small store, so there weren't THAT many great things and my mantra was "do I need this? is it versatile enough?" and therefore I only came away with one purchase, this lovely floral floaty top below.

It was £35 reduced to £18, plus I get student discount so I was very pleased. I'm going to wear this with leggings or tights in the day, and bare legs with a belt and heels in the evening. I am going to wear this to travel in as I think it would be comfy, with leggings and pumps. I could also wear it to Reading festival with boots or wellies. I will continue wearing it in the winter layered with scarves, tights and boots. A great buy in my opinion :) if you haven't checked the Topshop sale out yet - go go GO!
Lydia xox

7 July 2009

Tag: Honest Scrap

Ok so I got tagged by a few people a while ago, and it went to the back of my mind. Thanks to Emma who just reminded me!

Rules: Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

1. I have really small feet! UK size 3 or europe size 36. People think it's cute but I think it's kind of weird!

2. My auntie has been forever one of my style icons. Ever since I was little I used to want to be like her. I think that's why I'm a dedicated blonde, who loves make-up, shoes and clothes! I used to ring her up on days I would be seeing her to ask what she was wearing!

3. I used to have a million and one career aspirations. It is only this year, when I chose to study a new subject (media) at university, I found a new love - journalism!

4. I have A levels in French and Spanish. I love foreign languages.

5. I have known my best friend since we were 3, we are going to grow old together :)

6. I want to live all over the world, never staying in one place too long. I'd like to think I'd settle in the U.S.

7. I do volunteer work, and help run a dance class for a local primary school during term time.

8. I worked for over a year at the DVLA - yes, the place that makes your driving licenses in the UK. I loved my job!

9. I have two tattoos. But 5 if you count them seperately. Two paws on my chest, and 3 music notes on my ankles. I'm too worried to get more at the moment, incase it hinders me from getting jobs :(

10. I chose to go to a university in the nearby city, because I love Swansea so much. It has everything you could want - one main street full of bars and clubs, a good shopping mall and the beach right on your doorstop :) plus I get the best of both worlds, living away from home but still in a city I call home.

Again, this tag has been floating around for some time now. I tag anyone who wants to do this :)

Lydia xox

6 July 2009

LUSH Cupcake Face Mask

I went into town not looking for anything in particular, and whilst I was looking around I noticed a spot had shown up on my chin - grr! So I went into Lush and asked an assistant which face mask was best for clearing up spots.

She suggested two - I can't remember what the other ones name was now - but I remember choosing Cupcake because she said it reallys draws stuff out of your face, all the bad things. She said it in a kind of negative way, and said she only uses it on small sections of her face, where it's needed, because she has sensitive skin. But to me, something that draws everything out of my face sounds awesome to me! I love the feeling of uber clean skin.

As you can see below, it is not the most wonderful looking face mask. Brown, lovely ha. It is quite gritty and you can feel that when you apply it to your skin. I like the fact that it is probably an exfoliating aspect, however it can drag along your skin and spoil where you've already just put some product. That was my only teeny tiny downfall. Not enough to make me think badly of it - it just meant I used a little more facemask than I normally would.

Ahh below - me with the mask on! I scared the hell out of my mum when she saw me walking around in it!

It is not a drying face mask - it doesn't go tight so it is comfortable. I kept it on for longer than the 5 minutes suggested on the tub most of the times I used it - just because I had the time to, and I like to relax in the bath with a face mask on.

After using this face mask 4 or 5 times now, with some product still left for me to use I think it is great value for money at £4. My skin felt very smooth and clean when I washed it off. I can't say it made too much of a difference as far as spots are concerned - I don't really suffer from any form of acne, I get a spot or two here and there once a month.
Would I recommend? Yes
Did it do the job? It made my skin feel clean and soft, but didn't miraculously remove spots
Value for money? Yes
Would I repurchase? Yes, I plan to use it in the weeks run up to my holiday
Lydia xox

Blue Eyes 4th of July

Hope you all had a great 4th of July - well, my American followers anyway!

I wanted to use my new MAC e/s Deep Truth, which is a gorgeous deep blue. So to be themed, I did blue eyes for the 4th of July.

I used :
MAC e/s Naked Lunch - inner corner
MAC e/s Steamy - middle
MAC e/s Deep Truth - outer corners andcrease

I love this. Blues seem to be working in my favour recently. Any favourite blue MAC e/s that you would like to recommend to me? Steamy is beautiful but it isn't a true blue, it has a green tinge to it.

Lydia xox

3 July 2009

TAG - My most worn

So I finally got round to doing this great tag after being tagged by the beautiful Daisy at http://cupcakeswithcherries.blogspot.com/ .

It was quite hard to choose because I like to mix things up a lot - spice is the variety of life and all that. Plus I think continuous use of a product isn't always a good thing - for example shampoo and conditioners. But here is what always does a great job for me and I often reach to!

I also added in my most used skin care product :)

Most Used...
Skin Care
YSL Nutri-Syteme Hydra Protect face cream - I've used this almost every day since I bought it! I was a bit iffy paying so much for a face cream but now I know it is so worth it! I will even re-purchase this again and again. I recommend it very highly. As a person who couldnt wear moisturiser often because of my skin being so oily, this is a breakthrough - I bought the one for dry skin instead of normal/combination skin by accident! And I haven't broke out in any extra spots because of this. Genius.


YSL Rouge Volupte shade 7 - my uber nude shade. It's nude, but has enough baby pink in it to make it not look like "hello, my lips are purposely the same colour as my skin nude". I don't wear lipstick all that often, I prefer lipglosses and balms because of their moisture but this lipstick provides moisture. Love how it feels on my lips!


When I saw this dress (or top as my mum seems to keep calling it) in Topshop I HAD to have it - as someone who has studied French all throughout school and A levels I am a bit of a fan of le francais. It had my name written all over it. I wear this as often as I can get away with - pairing it with my Wrangler denim jacket and a black belt. Paired with tights in the winter, and bare legs in the summer - it is my favourite dress EVER!

Nail Polish

OPI California Raspberry - I keep grabbing for this because.. in a nutshell.. I love pinks and I love reds.. this polish combines the two! It's not too red, it's not too pink - it is PERFECT! I wear it on my finger nails a lot of the time.

M&S Bow Flats - So in the day time I'm either seen in flats, flip flops or boots. These shoes caught my eye in Marks and Spencers because they are just TOO cute! They are flats but have a tiny 1.5 inch block heel which I like. They are such good quality and will take a lot of battering before they need to be binned - most of my flats get ruined instantly!

Hair Product

TurnStylr Revival Cream - I feel it is a bit unfair to put this in, as my auntie sent it to me in the post, I assume it is from Sallys but I can't be sure. When I first got this I hated it - which is weird, my auntie normally gets everything right when it comes to gifts and products for me. But for the last month I have used it on my hair when it's damp and it has dried wonderfully! Feels really soft and straightening time is lessened :)


Chanel Chance - This is my most favourite perfume ever. I've been using it for about 5 years now. I often go between two perfumes - I find they last longer that way because you have 2 bottles on the go. So sometimes I wear Coco Chanel, other days I wear Chance. But Chance is definitely my favourite. As you can see my bottle is just running out - but never fear, I had a new one for my birthday! Will I ever tire of this perfume? It looks unlikely.

Dorothy Perkins Black Quilted Bag - I love the Chanel-esque bags, and untill I am rich enough to buy a real one I will continue to buy and love similar high street versions. River Island did a similar one to this but with their double R's trademark stamped on it - hideous. I hate that, all "oh look I came from River Island NOT Chanel" no thank you. So when I saw this similar but plain bag in DP I clearly HAD to have it. I love big bags, I carry my life around with me.

Eye Make-Up
MAC All That Glitters e/s - I love this because it's so pretty but very suitable for daytime. I also love incorporating it into more daring, evening looks because it looks great in the inner socket. I don't know where I would have been without this e/s? I will re-purchase and love this again and again.
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner - I love these because their quick and easy to apply. I line my lower lash line almost every day with Zero (the black) because it takes hardly any time at all. When I have more time I like to use MAC's Fluidline, but seeing as this is a most used I thought this was more fitting.

I don't tag anyone in particular, because I know this has been floating around for over a week now and lots of people have done it. But if you want to do it, do it - I love reading these posts!
Lydia xox