Florabundance: June 2009

30 June 2009

Birthday haul

Ok so this is more of a what I bought out of my birthday money, rather than what I was given haul. I didn't get many presents this year, they dwindle down as I have gotten older but luckily I still get birthday money:) which meant a nice trip to Cardiff for me!

As soon as I got to MAC, the MA who often serves me excitedly gave me a Colour Craft leaflet! This has got me sooo excited for it! I can't remember what date she has said it is out now but it's definitely July in the UK! I could have sworn she said 12th but that is a Sunday.. weird!

Pretty :)
So this is what I got at MAC altogether! A nice little haul :) I was manily after eye make-up. I feel I'm too boring in the eye make-up department so wanted to get some colours on the go!

The 4 eyeshadows and a blush were:
Dollymix blus
Shadowy Lady e/s
Purple Haze e/s
Deep Truth e/s
Black Tied e/s
I will talk about these in more detail further down, but I accidentally loaded the photos in the wrong order!

So here is the one thing I picked up from the Illamasqua counter in Debenhams (I never even knew it existed untill I looked online the night before shopping!)
It is a Liquid Metal in Solstice.
I had seen reviews of it and desperately wanted to get my hands on it. It is so gorgeous and summery. I am definitely taking this on my holiday! Bronzed skin, golden make-up.. mm :)
True to the reviews I have read, it has fantastic pigmentation! So impressed. I put it on my eyes as soon as I came in and I'm incredibly relieved to see it suits me! Hallejuah! At £16 it wouldn't be something I would want to not use.
The Illamasqua packaging is fabulous too. Cute little box and great product box too. Love the shape of it.

Corr look at the pigmentation! That is just one swipe on my little finger!

Now back to the MAC stuff. I picked up MAC Dollymix blush because I wanted a new blush and this looked way pretty. In the pan it looks a bit TOO pink but the MA assured me it comes out a beautiful gorgeous pink, it was the blush she was actually wearing.
I would say compared to Pink Swoon which I used on a reular basis, it is a bit darker.. but not scarily darker!

Here is a swatch below - as you can see it is a girly pink with a nice sublt shimmer to it (because it is sheertone shimmer) which Pink Swoon doesn't.

Deep Truth e/s is something I wasn't planning on getting. I mainly wanted some purple colours, but Deep Truth caught my eye as I was standing chatting to the MA! I just HAD to have it because it is so pretty.

It is a deep blue with a shimmer. A frost finish, I think this eyeshadow could be a new favourite if it suits my eye colour well. According to the MA, for brown eyes I should be going for blues which surprised me!

I also wasn't planning on getting Black Tied e/s but my mum offered to buy me one so I picked this up too! Thanks mum hehe!

I didn't do any swatches of Black Tied because it is so well known and basically a matte black with glitter sparkles. It says it is a Velvet finish but I find it quite matte. It truly is gorgeous. I was tied between this and Carbon -went for this because it is prettier, and more versatile for me!
Right onto the purples. I asked what she thought would work for me, I wanted a darker purple for the outer corners and a lighter one for the middle. She picked out Purple Haze e/s for the middle, and I loved it! It comes out quite dark, but I like that because dark colours work better for me.

Below is Purple Haze e/s (matte, left) mixed with Shadowy Lady e/s (matte, right)

I did buy Shadowy Lady yesterday but accidentally deleted the photo of the pan of the e/s! Oops!
Below is Shadowy Lady mixed with Deep Truth. Quite pretty, I think.

That's all for MAC.
I then went on a search for Kerastase Oleo-Relax Serum. Picked this up at a hairdressers, it is all sold out online and this was my next best bet! It was £16 - so very steep, but I desperately wanted this. I used it this morning on my damp hair and my hair (now dried naturally) feels so much smoother.. and my natural hair aka no straightening, looks much more wearable! So I'm pleased to report - this product works!

I was also in holiday shopping mode. I am going to Cuba 4 weeks today yay!
Sandals are usually a staple in my summer wardrobe. Two things a year I MUST buy - boots for winter, sandals for summer. They are my uber staples.
This year I got these babies below from Office :) I love them a lot.
Last year I got my sandals from Office too, I really think Office have beautiful sandals - this year it has been hard to spot sandals I like - I find a lot of them a bit ugly, truth be told!

Whilst still in holiday mode, I got this sailor-esque bikini from Laura Ashley! It was in the sale, £20 in total, instead of £30. Very pleased with this, I've never bought clothing from Laura Ashley before but I know it is good quality!

Excuse how huge the bottoms look? They look so weird here, actually only a size 12 and NOT high wasted ha! They are in a bikini shorts style which is my favourite :)
To continue the nautical theme, the last thing I picked up were these flats from River Island for £15.99 - I like them a lot! Much more sturdier, rubber soles than most flats so I thought they would be great for walking into town at home, and for travelling in for my holiday :)

I think my favourite present of all was off my flatmate and one of my best friends, Helen. She has a huuuge sheep pillow in her room which she got at home (she lives in Guernsey - Channel Islands) and this is a mini version of it! Cuh-yute!

So.. this blog took me forever, what with all the internet explorer crashing twice but hey.. I got through it! Hope you enjoyed!
If anyone else is interested, I also got Chanel - Chance for my birthday off my mum - it is my favourite perfume, I rarely use anything else :) and I also got a Reading Festival ticket wooop but I asked for that :)
Lydia xox

LUSH haul: Rock Star soap + Massage Bars

I never really ventured to the soap side of my local Lush shop, that is untill a few days ago.

One that really caught my attention was Rock Star soap, because it smells so gorgeous! Just like the description says, it smells like a candy shop! So I was on good behaviour and managed to just pick this soap up.
I have used the Rock Star soap every night since I bought it which is ooh 4 nights in a row now - I am smitten!! I bought the smallest amount possible because I didn't want a huge bar.. and it's a good job because it looks like this soap will be lasting me a while, it hasn't shrunk at all (hate soaps that do that so quickly)!!

It's so good that even my mum has fallen in love with it and bought herself one! :) so if you haven't tried out a Lush soap yet, definitely go for this one!
Now, the massage bars should be in my birthday haul (which is going to be posted after this.. ) seeing as I bought them yesterday. But I thought it was more fitting to do a Lush haul, as there is so much to put in the bday haul!

First, I got the Therapy Massage bar.. mainly because I heard such great things about it, and then what swayed me was the smell and how wonderful it felt when the Lush assistant put it onto my arms and massaged it in! Wow is all I can say - these massage bars are fabulous!

I got the tin thrown in for free too, because I bought two! Ah sneaky promotions offers, that's why I spend so much haha!

I also ended up getting the Heavenilly Massage bar because it smelled so dreamy! Plus, I wanted the free box - these massage bars are very oily and slippy when they've just been used!

I think the Heavenilly bar is so pretty too. I expected the smell to be more sweet than it is, but it just smells like a vanilla coconut. Still yummy, of course!

I used the Heavenilly last night and I was very impressed. My only down side is, with this hot weather it is not the most comfortable feeling to be all greasy and hot! Especially before bed time. I put on some PJ bottoms to stop my oily limbs touching stuff!
It is definitely worth being all oily though.. that's what a massage is like! And this morning my skin felt like silk. Silkier than ever before.
I heart massage bars.
Lydia xox

25 June 2009

FOTD + Every day make up

FOTD from yesterday, and an example of how my make-up looks on a day-to-day basis.
I save the fancy stuff for nights out or special events. My regular day look is much simpler and less fussy.

Make-up worn:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC20
MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark
Me Me Me Beat The Blues highlighter
MAC Pink Swoon - just a light dusting of it
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencil in Zero
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara
Body Shop Strawberry lip balm
YSL Nutri Systeme Hydra/Protect moisturiser as a primer
It's my birthday tomorrow, yay!
Lydia xox

24 June 2009


So technically it was yesterdays eyeshadow but hey.. it was a look I don't normally do so thought it was worth blogging about! Blues usually make my eyes look really small!

I was feeling summery and went for a blue look! I used:

*MAC All That Glitters e/s - inner corner
*MAC Steamy e/s - middle to outer corner
*Barry M Dazzle Dust 94 - over the outer corner and into the crease
*Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencil in Covet - lined the lower lash line
*Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara to top and bottom lashes

Love the Urban Decay eyeliners.. Covet is my favourite shade! It really goes well with MAC Steamy so I have found.

And here is the whole face. Excuse the ucky tied back hair. It was a busy day!
Also wearing MAC Face and Body Foundation with MAC MSF Natural, MAC Pink Swoon blush and YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in shade 7.

I feel like blues never really suit me but MAC's Steamy is so gorgeous, its more a sea green blue and it works better with my eye colour.

Lydia xox

23 June 2009

Hair Inspiration

My hair inspiration has long been Fearne Cotton.

I love the length, the texture, the style and especially the colour.

Currently my hair is a whitey blonde and comes to my shoulders.. but I'm on a journey to get Fearne Cottons hair. I've recently started having highlights again instead of all over colours and my hair is definitely thanking me for it!

Who is your hair inspiration?

Lydia xox

21 June 2009

Porcelain Veneers (teeth)

Well, last week I went to the dentist and it has been confirmed - I am getting veneers this summer! Yay!

I thought you all might be interested in the process and my teeth journey - even though it will only take two weeks and two appointments! So I promise to let you all in on it :-)

Below: an example of what veneers do - fill in caps, cover up chips and straighten out teeth.

I am getting veneers because when I was 12/13 I smacked myself in the mouth with a dog lead (yeah I was a clumsy child ha!) and cracked the middle of my two top front teeth. Ever since I have had temporary caps on them but I can't eat with them and they have resulted in staining to my teeth and they are no longer a proper colour match (see pic below) so... dun dun dun... I am allowed to get veneers! Real porcelain veneers that celebrities pay an incredible amount of money for!

In the photo below you can see that when I smile it isn't noticeable.. people never realised untill I tell them. But to me I can always see it when I look in the mirror and I hate the staining it has caused. I should have been allowed theses veneers a long time ago in my opinion, because the cement caps that filled in the chips are only temporary, meant for 6 months maximum.

So yes.. roll on August, I can't wait to have a proper smile :)
Lydia xox

20 June 2009

Rimmel Sexy Curves Masacara Review

Second post of the day... woo I'm on a roll! I have been testing, playing and building stuff up to blog about all week but I haven't had the chance to get it on here so sorry! Hope you enjoy the influx of blog posts :)

Ok so as you know I picked up Rimmel Sexy Curves after hearing many good things and wanting to try out a high street mascara.

I think the packaging is awesome, and I'm quite ashamed to say I do judge a book by its cover in terms of products.. if it looks good then it's got the connotation that it's going to BE good!
Love the metallic purple on this.

Below is the wand.. as you can see it goes in and out on both sides - no idea how or why this would make a difference but hey I'm not a professional.

Ok so to compare with my natural lashes - in the photo below my left eye has the masacara on and the right eye doesnt.
As you can see the mascara gives a very natural look which is great for daytime! Also if you compare how long my lashes look, the left eye with mascara on somehow looks longer! All my lashes look singley defined which I love :) I hate clumpy thick mascara - ew!

Below is both eyes with the mascara on, top and bottom lashes. I don't think my lashes have ever looked so defined! It would be really great for pulling a natural look off. Minus my eyeliner, I'm not sure it would even look like I am wearing any mascara.

I will definitely keep using this for day time looks, and keep my Dior for the evenings! I think this a fantastic quality mascara, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked and would reccommend it highly to anyone looking for one on the high street. The only bad thing is that I would say it is not that great for anyone who is looking for volume over length.
xox Lydia

Body Shop Loving continues..

I used to rarely go in the Body Shop but recently it has sprung back up in my places I can't not go in when I pass it. Now that I have my discount card it draws me in there.. I guess that's great marketing on their part, but hey it's good for me too because I'm saving!

They have a huge sale on at the moment, I knew this so I went in there specifically to pick up a body butter. They keep giving my body butter samples with my purchases and I have been loving them! My favourites were Cherry and Strawberry but unfortunately they weren't included in the offer so I picked up the Raspberry body butter for £6.. that's half the regular price! The shower gel was only £3 so I thought I might aswell pick up a bargain while it is there eh!
Used them both yesterday before going out and I smelled gorgeous, if I do say so myself!

Something I have been using every day recently is their Honey Shampoo and Conditioner. I picked this up because one of my favourite beauty bloggers Belle du Jour (http://belledujournewyorkcity.blogspot.com/) says she uses it and her hair is wonderful!
I'm not that big a fan of the shampoo because it doesn't lather very well.. and it means I ended up using a lot of product to build the lather up to begin with. But the shampoo does do its job well and so I've looked past this and have began to love it. The conditioner is fabulous though, left my hair feeling very smooth. I also like the smell which is a bonus - it doesn't smell that much like honey, it has a bit of a marzipan smell to it and I like it.. a lot!
It was quite pricey in my opinion, I think I payed about £14-16 for the pair so I'm not sure if I'd re-purchase in a hurry.. but for now I am just enjoying them :)

Lydia xox

18 June 2009

MAC Lustre Drops + more

So this morning I decided I should experiment with my Lustre Drops (in Sun Rush) by mixing it in with foundation.
If I had not told Jean (http://jeanmenzies.blogspot.com/) I would try it out to let her know I doubt I would have done this so soon so I'm glad I committed to it! Ha :)

I was pretty pleased with the results although it didn't mix amazingly well with my foundation - I had to add some more Lustre Drops into what was left on my palm as it didnt mix all the way through.
As you can see below it has given me a subtle summer glow - and the pictures I took hardly did it justice and I can say I would definitely recommend Lustre Drops if you intend on doing this. It made me look sun kissed, but subtley. Much nicer than using a bronzer in my opinion, although if you get a tan a light dusting of bronzer would look lovely on top of this I'd imagine.

I was also VERY pleased with GOSH's nail polish (shade Golden Brown) - I have literally fell in love with GOSH these last few months and this is the first time I've tried a nail polish of theirs - boy, I am impressed! Go try one out if you have access to GOSH :)

Today whilst in my local shopping mall I called into Boots and picked up Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara. I mainly bought this because as much as I love the Dior Diorshow Blackout that I use, I wanted to try something new and see if anything in a drug store could give me similar results.
I specifically went looking for this particular mascara because I know Nadia (http://www.youtube.com/user/LovePeaceandLipGloss) absolutely loves this mascara and in her make-up collection video she had a whole bunch of back ups of it! It must be good.. so I shall let you know how this goes :-)

And after all the GOSH loving, I picked up another polish by them in Frou Frou. As soon as I feel it's time to re-paint my nails, this is going on! I can't wait!

Lydia xox

17 June 2009

Posey's giveaway

Ok so Posey (http://poseysbeautyreviews.blogspot.com/) is having a midweek give away! It has perked me up loads :)

All you have to do is be or become a follow of her blog, and then make a blog post about it. Simple!

She is going to be giving away a Lush product so what are you waiting for ladies! Enter away :)

Lydia xox

16 June 2009

MAC haul

Ok so this is the haul I should have been doing about a week ago, but sadly I lost my shopping bag :(

So here is the haul! Better late than never :)

My favourite out of the haul is the Solar Bits from the Style Warriors collection. I chose 'Scatterays' because it looked a beautiful golden colour that would look amazing for summer and on my holiday!

As soon as I opened it a swiped a bit onto my hand and this is what it came up like (below, click on it for a better idea of how great it showed up) obviously it looks really pigmented so I don't want to sound stupid.. but it really has fantastic pigmentation and looks very metallic when applied. I am hoping to have a play around with this properly on my eyes on my next free day so expect a post about it!

The only other thing from the collection that I was interested in was the Lustre Drops - I bought Sun Rush because it looked like the only shade I could pull off, being quite pale and all that. I am saving it for my holidays to mix in with my foundation or tinted moisturiser. I swiped it onto my cheek today aswell and it works as a brilliant bronzer. It is quite shimmery but that's ok by me, so I have no problems with it - I know a lot of you don't like too much shimmer though so that might be something to bare in mind.

The photo of the swatch looked better on my camera (sorry!), but click on it and it might show up better. From this photo you can see how close it is to my skin colour, so it will be perfect to add that golden summer glow :)

Next up is a blush - I never wore a lot of blush before I became interested in the world of beauty blogging. Now I am a HUGE fan and my current obsession is building up a collection of blushers :)
So I picked up a Mineralize Blush in Gentle. I've heard good things about it and I really wanted to try a mineralize blush so I got this. (Any MAC blush recommendations from you guys? I would love to hear what you think would be a great addition!)

Theres the blush in all its glory - I think it's a gorgeous colour. I am more of a girly pink colour person but this is soft and, as the name suggests, gentle looking. I will wear this on my more casual days.
And finally, I got an e/s in the shade Steamy - I've wanted it for a while and simply gave into temptation. It's a beautiful sea green blue colour and I have to say .. it's probably the colour I have been looking for my whole life. I don't suit blues, but green makes my eyes look awesome - this is the perfect shade for me to create blue looks because it is sort of green too.

Look at that swatch! Just one swipe too, wit woo it is beautiful :) looking forward to playing about with this!
I'm off now to catch up on Desperate Housewives and paint my nails with GOSH - Golden Brown :)
Lydia xox