Sleek Graphite Palette - swatches and thoughts

2 December 2009

Sleek Graphite Palette - swatches and thoughts

Hello everyone. Thought it was about time I made a bigger effort to blog! I've had the Sleek Graphite Palette for a few weeks now and I'm incredibly impressed with it. It's the first Sleek palette I've bought and it will certainly not be the last.
Sorry for the photos all being taken on the webcam on my Macbook - it's just quicker, and the colours seemed to be photographing better on there.

As you can see the palette is a mix of greys, silvers, purples and darks. The colours are very well chosen - you can make a tonne of different looks with it! The reason I like it so much is because it's rare that you will use ALL the shadows in a palette - they don't always seem to fit well with each other.
These are the more paler colours. A fantastic white highlight, a pearly peachy colour and a more metallic silver.
Then there's the 3 more silvery metallic type colours. All similar but also all different.
These are the darkest 3 shadows. One matte black, one deep blue/purple metallic and one navy metallic. Gooorgeous!
And finally, the three more colourful colours. Bright purple, deep metallic purple, and a bluey-purple with some sparkles. Beeeeeautiful :)

As I imagine you have heard about all the Sleek palettes, they are amazingly pigmented. For around £5 GBP it is an utter bargain! Definitely pick one up if you can get your hands on it :)

Lydia xox


  1. Wow all the Sleek palette's look beautiful!! xx

  2. They are - and such good value for money!
    Might do a blog contest with one as a prize :)

  3. Ohhh Lydia you are tooo sweet :)That would be fantastic!!!! You are too kind my dear! I would love to send you something too- any aussie products you are lusting over??? :)

  4. Ohh no way I will absolutley be sending you something back- a suprise it will be :)

  5. The new palette looks like the best yet :D