First NARS purchase & MAC 150 Brush

30 December 2009

First NARS purchase & MAC 150 Brush

Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying this Crimbo-limbo time.. I have been soo lazy the last few days, loving it!

Despite this, I did manage to get a couple of shopping trips in, one which was to Cardiff. There is a new, huge shopping centre there and a brand new John Lewis.. which has both a NARs and a Laura Mercier counter, amongst others! YAY! Finally, Nars and Laura Mercier have come to Wales - about time eh!

Whilst I was in John Lewis, I thought it was about time I jumped on the bandwagon and picked up the Nars Orgasm blusher :)

Above - with flash. Below - without flash. It really is soo pretty, the perfect peachy pink! It has a tiny bit of shimmer to it, just enough to make you glow. I'd say the colour is kind of comparable to Benefit Coralista (which you all probably know has been my favourite blush for a while now!) Surprisingly, Nars Orgasm is actually cheaper - and personally, I feel it looks more expensive.

Another thing I picked up was the MAC 150 brush (amongst other things I will eventually blog about. I'm trying to be more thorough and in depth with my reviews and write ups)
I bought the 150 brush to apply my MAC Mineral Skin Finish Natural. Before the 150, I was using the MAC 134 which is actually more of a highlighter/bronzer brush. It is a big yet slim brush that is comparable to an oblong shape rather than a circle if that makes sense?
Shown also is a brand new MSF Natural in Medium because I have just hit pan on the one I'm using at the moment, so this will be ready for when I run out.

This may be my last post of 2009, so incase I don't get a chance to post tomorrow I just wanted to say thank you to all of my followers for taking the time to come here and read what I have to say.
2009 was the year I discovered beauty blogging and the whole beauty community online and through it I have met some lovely people. It did send my make-up obsession into overdrive, but it's not like I'm too bothered, hey?! I have learned so much and I've had a lot of fun.

See you in 2010,

Lydia xox


  1. Great post hun!
    NARS orgasm & the 134/150 are all on my wish list!
    I got NARS desire & deep throat for christmas & theyre both gorgeous!
    Also love MSF Natural! Use it everyday!
    <3 xox

  2. Wow I never knew they had a NARS in john lewis, So going too check that out tomorrow!! I dont own any mac brushes! They all seem really good though, have a good new year babe and I hope your job is going well! XO

  3. @Hannah - Yes, it's awesome isn't it!! I was soo happy to see the counter, and Laura Mercier next to it :) !!
    Yeah, I know MAC brushes are pretty expensive but they are good quality so.. you get what you pay for I suppose. I build my collection up slowly :)
    Happy New Years to you too hun xox

  4. Great little haul! I want to get my hands on an MSF natural. I heard great things about it.