Barry M Lipgloss

28 December 2009

Barry M Lipgloss

Hey everyone, just wanted to quickly blog about a UK drugstore lipgloss that I have been absolutely LOVING recently! It's the Barry M lipgloss in shade 4. A bubblegum pink with a tiny bit of shimmer to it.

Excuse my chipped nail - they need redoing!

What it looks like on the lips.. it comes out pretty opaque, this is just one swatch across both lips.

The best part? It smells of sweets! YUM :)

At around £4 each, these are well worth checking out!

Lydia xox


  1. That looks gorgeous on you!
    I love the look of lipgloss but i just cant stand the feeling of it on myself.. a shame, just look how beautiful it can be! xx

  2. @Tabitha - that's a shame, but I know lots of people can't stand the feel of lipgloss! This isn't as sticky as some though, sometimes MAC lipglosses are too sticky for me to handle! Lol x

  3. Oooh this is pretty!!!! Love it :)

    Btw do you have the Australis brand in the UK? I picked up a few lipglosses from their new collection called Colour Inject today... they have been wildly popular here and they are just gorgeous. I thought I would send you a few if they weren't available over there if you liked the look of them as I have been trying to think what products you wouldn't be able to purchase there so I could send you something new...
    anywho have a look and if you like the look of them I can grab you some!!! I am trying to think of a few other brands and products too but I'll let you know :)

  4. Its such a shame that Barry M isnt sold in the states! I've been wanting a one of the nude lipsticks for so long!