MAC haul

12 October 2009

MAC haul

Hey all.. so this is my second attempt at a blog post. It was originally bigger and featured more of my buys, not just MAC stuff. I'm going to have to blog about that next time I have some free time! 

First up, I had hit pan on my MSF Natural powder and my Studio Fix Fluid.
I felt like the NC20 shade I've been using for 3 years wasn't quite the right match any more. In January I was matched up as an NW15 for Studio Sculpt and this boggled me that I was a NW in that, yet an NC in SFF. 
Turns out, NW20 is what I actually am. I feel like this shade melts into my skin perfectly, whereas I really had to work the NC20 in and always had to take it to my neck so it didn't look obvious. I also got the MSF Natural in just Medium instead of Medium Dark.

Also, I had a browse at the Style Black collection and picked up the Greasepaint stick - love this, although it is not a stand out product. Will blog in more detail soon, when my MSF Style Black eyeshadow arrives in Young Punk. 

After getting the basics at the Debenhams MAC counter, I popped over to the MAC Pro store and bought my very first 15 pan palette. I've been wanting to for ages and finally got it. I bought 4 pans to go in it - Phloof!, Honeylust, Swish and Sketch (e/s named top to bottom and Sketch is on it's lonesome in row 2)
Now all I have to do is depot all my eyeshadows.. it's going to be a right mission!

Ok got to run now! Blog soon,

Lydia xox


  1. Nice haul! I got my first 15 pan palette the weekend before last and love it :) I depotted last week and it was actually a lot easier than I thought. I followed the hair straightener method and it worked great so I'd definitely recommend that xx

  2. I have nw20 and nw15 now that my tan has faded! My palette is have full atm, roll on payday! x

  3. I'm going to use that method too, Lisa! I just have to find the time to get round to it eeep x