Loving.. reds

4 October 2009

Loving.. reds

I felt my life (and wardrobe) was lacking in the colour red. Which resulted in me buying a red dress and a pair of flat red shoes the other day. 
Red makes me think of Christmas, and Christmas makes me think of happy times.. so all in all, red makes me happy! Or am I just deluded, and making excuses for my shopping addictions? Who cares!

I got this dress floral dress from New Look (very impressed, for a change, with their stuff at the moment). The photo does it no justice, it is really pretty! It has black lace up the top, and a red floral print on chiffon type material at the bottom. I absolutely love it, and these style dresses are very flattering to my body shape. They show off my boobs and nip me in at the waist, then float over my hips and thighs - concealing my not-so-best bits.

Whilst waiting in line to pay, these red flats caught my eye. I only normally wear black flats in the day and I thought they would be a good investment.. I often wear darker colours so they are perfect for adding a pop of colour to my outfit.

What colour are you loving at the moment?

Lydia xox


  1. Ohhh this is soo pretty! and the red flats will look just perfect! You don't need to justify to us don't worry ;P

  2. P.S. Check out my blog- I have an award for you :)

  3. great blog xD
    following you, follow back?

  4. Ohh I was tossing up between the Eye Bright pencil- I still think I might have to try it too!! Does it work even though it doesn't last so long?? I love Benefit!!!