Halloween Parties Begin...

28 October 2009

Halloween Parties Begin...

So last night was the first of about 5 Halloween parties I'm attending! Thought I would share with you some photos of me that I took before I went out! Couldn't choose one so I've uploaded all 3 haha. 

As you can see, I went as a black cat :) 
It's a simple outfit really - all black clothes (heels, tights, skirt and top; plus a grey sequined shrug.)

Cute cat ears: £3.50 from Accessorize. They are really sturdy and good quality - will def. see me through next Halloween aswell!
Nails: OPI Linkin Park After Dark
Make-up: kept it simple with just MaxFactor felt tip eyeliner lined all around my eyes - quite thick on the outer top lash line. I wore a nudey pink lip to keep the attention on the eyes. I also couldn't resist buffing on my favourite blush of the moment - Benefit's Coralista :)

This look/outfit was really easy to put together and cheap too - so don't worry if you're saving your pennies, you can easily throw something together!

Happy Halloweenage everyone - sure I'll blog again before actual Hallows Eve though hehe

Lydia xox

p.s. don't know if you can tell but I finally had my veneers fitted on my front two teeth yesterday! if you fancy a nosy then click to enlarge the photos and you will see :)


  1. You look great & so do your teeth I bet that hurt!!


  2. Oh wowww Lydia, you look soooo cute!!! And meow!!! Sexy too :) Great, cheap costume! I'm so jealous, enjoy your halloween parties :)

  3. That is such a cute costume :)