Aussie love, New winter boots & YSL

3 October 2009

Aussie love, New winter boots & YSL

Hello, so this is going to be a bit of a mixed bag post. I got up early to go to cheerleading trials then decided to give it a miss.. it is like 300% commitment or nothing and I guess I just can't commit :/

First off - a huge thanks to Aussie. I couldn't make it to their event in Manchester and so they sent the box of goodies to my house. Totally unexpected and it made my day! 
Inside was 2 full size products and lots of mini ones - perfect for holidays and weekends away! They also included a Topshop gift card which was incredibly kind. 
I've been using the products ever since they came and I am once again, in LOVE! The smell is just so gorgeous. I have always loved the 3 minute miracle masks .. but they sent me the frizz one (I would normally use the moisture one) however, my hair has felt wonderful after using this! Can't get enough of it at the moment!

So then with my £25 Topshop gift card, I went and bought a pair of boots I had had my eye on! They were originally £65 but with student discount and the giftcard I only paid £33 - good times for Lydia :)

I absolutely love boots in winter, my ultimate staple. I wear them with jeans or skirts/dresses paired with tights. Basically, they can go with anything.. and they're super comfy! 

Finally, I was a bit naughty.. I went to the YSL counter and had a look at the YSL Rouge Pur lipstick in 49. Did you know it was the first lipstick shade YSL ever created? That's what the MA told me.. :) anyway I wanted to check this lipstick out after seeing Sarah post about it. Once I'd seen it n real life I knew I had to buy it! Can you believe it is my only hot/bright pink lipstick? So yes, I convinced myself it was a must-buy! 

I also bought YSL Faux Cils which I am, so far, disappointed with. Doesn't give my lashes any oomph - it doesn't 'hold' the curl .. it makes them look invisible (because they lie flat outwards). Very, very disappointing. 

Below: me wearing the YSL Rouge Pur in 49 :) excuse how messy I look.. I'd just walked home from town!
Have a good weekend everyone 



  1. OMG you bought the YSL Lippie!!! Yay!!! And it looks soooooooooo AMAZING on you!!! Youre totally rockin' it Lydia :D
    I didn't know it was the first shade too, well there ya go- you learn something new every day!
    And those boots and free goodies how exciting! I have never even heard of this Aussie brand, is it actually Australian? lol if it is then shame on me!!!!

  2. Wow love that lipstick its such a gorgeous colour :)
    im not sure whether to buy it though as its a bit too bright for me im a only neutrals kinda girl lol :P

    Great post and wow with the goodies ive alwayd used aussies 3 minute micarle hair mask and i always went for the mint one as it smells gorgeous :)
    it leaves your hair feeling so revived and good i love it :)

    great pots hunniiiee

    eloise xoxo

  3. @Sarah - I think it's called Aussie because an oil or some type of main ingredient is Australian.. but I have no idea if it's an actual Australian brand! Good question lol.. but seriously, all the products smell gorgeous x