Florabundance: October 2009

31 October 2009

October Favourites

Hey everyone.. I don't normally post my monthly favourites but seeing as I enjoy watching monthly favourites on YouTube and reading them on here, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.

I've picked 5 things for this month  - all things which stood out and shone in my personal opinion.

1. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy - For a long time I've been a fan of Aussie hair products, but I've particularly been rekindling my love with this 3 minute miracle conditioner since Aussie kindly sent me some products recently. It makes my hair feel soft, silky and more manageable when I've used it. Love love love this conditioner! 

2. Tesco Vitamin E Face Wipes - Have been using these wipes for a few weeks now, they have been on offer in Tescos for just 27p for ages! My mum and I have stocked up on about 10 packets each because they are just so lovely and fresh feeling! I don't use them for make-up removal, but I use them every morning before applying face cream and my make-up. Definitely highly recommend grabbing a pack or two of these while the offer is still on! 

3. Revlon 'Cherries In The Snow' lipstick - seeing as it is Halloween time, a red lipstick was always going to come in handy. I dug out this from my collection and have absolutely fallen in love with it. It is a lovely texture - doesn't feel drying on the lips at all. I have a hard time with some lipsticks - they make my lips look really unsmooth and show all the fine lines in my lips. This lipstick doesn't do that - I personally think it is the perfect formula of lipstick (for me anyway). On top of this, it's a downright lovely shade too! Intense red but with a sort of softness to it. Not too harsh. LOVE!!

4. Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in 'Birthday Suit' - Such a lovely natural colour for every day looks, especially when I'm in a rush! I've reached for this eyeshadow 5 out of 7 days in the last week. It's just so quick and easy to apply, if I'm in a rush then applying this doesn't take away any valuable time! I also think it is the best cream eyeshadow I have ever used - it has yet to crease on my lids :)

5. And finally, the famous Benefit Coralista Blush - what can I say, I absolutely adore this blush. It may just be a phase, but I truly can't get enough of it! It's the perfect pinky peach with a golden glow to it. It looks wonderful on the cheekbones and apples of the cheek. I better stop gushing over this product now, but trust me - YOU NEED THIS BLUSH IN YOUR LIFE (or atleast swatch it at a counter )!! 

So that is it for October. Looking forward to reading all your faves for the month of October.

Happy Halloween everyone,

Lydia XOX

28 October 2009

Halloween Parties Begin...

So last night was the first of about 5 Halloween parties I'm attending! Thought I would share with you some photos of me that I took before I went out! Couldn't choose one so I've uploaded all 3 haha. 

As you can see, I went as a black cat :) 
It's a simple outfit really - all black clothes (heels, tights, skirt and top; plus a grey sequined shrug.)

Cute cat ears: £3.50 from Accessorize. They are really sturdy and good quality - will def. see me through next Halloween aswell!
Nails: OPI Linkin Park After Dark
Make-up: kept it simple with just MaxFactor felt tip eyeliner lined all around my eyes - quite thick on the outer top lash line. I wore a nudey pink lip to keep the attention on the eyes. I also couldn't resist buffing on my favourite blush of the moment - Benefit's Coralista :)

This look/outfit was really easy to put together and cheap too - so don't worry if you're saving your pennies, you can easily throw something together!

Happy Halloweenage everyone - sure I'll blog again before actual Hallows Eve though hehe

Lydia xox

p.s. don't know if you can tell but I finally had my veneers fitted on my front two teeth yesterday! if you fancy a nosy then click to enlarge the photos and you will see :)

26 October 2009

Hair Colour Destination: Achieved!!

For a while now I have wanted to revert back to more natural, highlighted hair as opposed to in your face full head of bleach blonde. 

It's been a lengthy process because bleached hair is so porus and it means colour doesn't 'grab' particularly well. Even if it does take initially, it will fade after a few washes!

Anyway so the all over bleach is about half way down my hair since I have been getting full head of highlights and it has blended amazingly. As there is so much non bleach on the top half of my hair, the gold highligts and the bronze lowlights have gradually grabbed onto my hair more and more each time. Seeing my hair yesterday after having it done by my hairdresser I finally saw the results I wanted. Now it's at the stage I want it, all I have to do is maintain it with highlights every 8 weeks. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPINESS!

So above is my hair now: a mix of very light blonde, golden blonde and bronze brown highlights.

Above: my hair when it was full head bleach (last July in Egypt btw!) I loved it but it had definitely had it's day. Goodbye tacky whiteness. Hello natural :)

It may not look worlds apart, but really I have waited so long for it to get like this.

Lydia xox

20 October 2009

YSL Face Cream praise and Benefit buys

I bought YSL's Hydra Protect face cream back in April and have used it constantly since. The other day I hit pan (does that phrase even apply to skin care? Basically it's all used up) and I was a little sad. It was a great moisturiser that never brought me out in spots. It was a rich cream so I expected it to make me feel greasy but it never did. At around £32 I can't afford to replace this but if you can afford to splash out, I couldn't recommend this product enough.
I have just replaced this with The Body Shop's Vitamin E Day and Night creams so look out for a review or two soon :) 

The other day I picked up Benefit's Creaseless Cream eyeshadow in Birthday Suit which is a gorgeous nude colour. I've worn it almost every day on it's own, or with a flick of gel eyeliner. That was all I planned to get, but I was swayed by the MA to try Coralista blush and oh my.. this is what I'm really here to rave about. It is GORGEOUS! There's been a lot of hype surrounding this blush recently in the beauty community, I know, but I truly believe that this product is FANTASTIC! It is a peachy pink but it also gives quite a high sheen (not a glittery shimmer may I add) to your skin. It looks amazing brushed along my cheekbones. I have enormous love for this blush at the moment :) go check it out, and see what we're all hyping about! 

So there we have it. Short and sweet.. I think.

Lydia xox

17 October 2009

Winter Coat Love

So I was lusting after a black or navy coat from Topshop to become my winter coat this winter. It seems I'd left it a bit late and there were only size 6's or 16's left in store, so I ended up getting a coat with a bit of colour. I'm quite pleased now :) this was £70 from Topshop but with discount etc I only ended up paying £60 which isn't quite as steep :)

Excuse the lame angled pose, the coat doesn't photograph well on a hanger so I had to try take a photo of me wearing it haha. It's a gorgeous very pale purpley pink with brown and blue pattern. It goes with a lot of my wardrobe too, which is always a good thing.

Have you got your winter coat yet? I love wrapping up all warm in cosy winter clothes :)

Lydia xox

12 October 2009

MAC haul

Hey all.. so this is my second attempt at a blog post. It was originally bigger and featured more of my buys, not just MAC stuff. I'm going to have to blog about that next time I have some free time! 

First up, I had hit pan on my MSF Natural powder and my Studio Fix Fluid.
I felt like the NC20 shade I've been using for 3 years wasn't quite the right match any more. In January I was matched up as an NW15 for Studio Sculpt and this boggled me that I was a NW in that, yet an NC in SFF. 
Turns out, NW20 is what I actually am. I feel like this shade melts into my skin perfectly, whereas I really had to work the NC20 in and always had to take it to my neck so it didn't look obvious. I also got the MSF Natural in just Medium instead of Medium Dark.

Also, I had a browse at the Style Black collection and picked up the Greasepaint stick - love this, although it is not a stand out product. Will blog in more detail soon, when my MSF Style Black eyeshadow arrives in Young Punk. 

After getting the basics at the Debenhams MAC counter, I popped over to the MAC Pro store and bought my very first 15 pan palette. I've been wanting to for ages and finally got it. I bought 4 pans to go in it - Phloof!, Honeylust, Swish and Sketch (e/s named top to bottom and Sketch is on it's lonesome in row 2)
Now all I have to do is depot all my eyeshadows.. it's going to be a right mission!

Ok got to run now! Blog soon,

Lydia xox

4 October 2009

Loving.. reds

I felt my life (and wardrobe) was lacking in the colour red. Which resulted in me buying a red dress and a pair of flat red shoes the other day. 
Red makes me think of Christmas, and Christmas makes me think of happy times.. so all in all, red makes me happy! Or am I just deluded, and making excuses for my shopping addictions? Who cares!

I got this dress floral dress from New Look (very impressed, for a change, with their stuff at the moment). The photo does it no justice, it is really pretty! It has black lace up the top, and a red floral print on chiffon type material at the bottom. I absolutely love it, and these style dresses are very flattering to my body shape. They show off my boobs and nip me in at the waist, then float over my hips and thighs - concealing my not-so-best bits.

Whilst waiting in line to pay, these red flats caught my eye. I only normally wear black flats in the day and I thought they would be a good investment.. I often wear darker colours so they are perfect for adding a pop of colour to my outfit.

What colour are you loving at the moment?

Lydia xox

3 October 2009

Aussie love, New winter boots & YSL

Hello, so this is going to be a bit of a mixed bag post. I got up early to go to cheerleading trials then decided to give it a miss.. it is like 300% commitment or nothing and I guess I just can't commit :/

First off - a huge thanks to Aussie. I couldn't make it to their event in Manchester and so they sent the box of goodies to my house. Totally unexpected and it made my day! 
Inside was 2 full size products and lots of mini ones - perfect for holidays and weekends away! They also included a Topshop gift card which was incredibly kind. 
I've been using the products ever since they came and I am once again, in LOVE! The smell is just so gorgeous. I have always loved the 3 minute miracle masks .. but they sent me the frizz one (I would normally use the moisture one) however, my hair has felt wonderful after using this! Can't get enough of it at the moment!

So then with my £25 Topshop gift card, I went and bought a pair of boots I had had my eye on! They were originally £65 but with student discount and the giftcard I only paid £33 - good times for Lydia :)

I absolutely love boots in winter, my ultimate staple. I wear them with jeans or skirts/dresses paired with tights. Basically, they can go with anything.. and they're super comfy! 

Finally, I was a bit naughty.. I went to the YSL counter and had a look at the YSL Rouge Pur lipstick in 49. Did you know it was the first lipstick shade YSL ever created? That's what the MA told me.. :) anyway I wanted to check this lipstick out after seeing Sarah post about it. Once I'd seen it n real life I knew I had to buy it! Can you believe it is my only hot/bright pink lipstick? So yes, I convinced myself it was a must-buy! 

I also bought YSL Faux Cils which I am, so far, disappointed with. Doesn't give my lashes any oomph - it doesn't 'hold' the curl .. it makes them look invisible (because they lie flat outwards). Very, very disappointing. 

Below: me wearing the YSL Rouge Pur in 49 :) excuse how messy I look.. I'd just walked home from town!
Have a good weekend everyone