Updated: Daily Foundation Routine

28 September 2009

Updated: Daily Foundation Routine

Hey everyone. Can't apologise enough for how slack I've been with my blog recently.. but I'm trying to make an effort now that I'm settling into a nice routine with uni. 

My new daily foundation routine consists of 3 fairly new products I've bought. So far, I love them all! 

YSL Top Secrets (primer): I bought this because I got given a free sample and absolutely adored it. My housemate had the full size version and I had 'primer envy' (LOL!) and went out and bought it. Pricey but worth every penny, such a nice primer. I don't need a day moisturiser now I have this, it makes my skin feel moisturised and it provides a nice velvety soft finish to apply my foundation on top.

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation (oil free) :  I basically wanted a lighter foundation for the day, as much as I love MAC Studio Fix Fluid it dries your skin out if you wear it too frequently, and that's just what I've been doing recently. Superbalanced is the first Clinique foundation I've tried, and I decided to go for it because Clinique is a brand I know and trust, plus I have heard good things of their foundations - in particular Superfit. I didn't get Superfit because the assistant thought Superbalanced was the best for my skin. I got the shade 27 Alabaster (N), after being matched up. 
I am loving this at the moment because it blends so easily and takes me 2 minutes.. thats even using a foundation brush, which I will talk about next!

Benefit Foundation Brush: This is the only Benefit brush I own, I am not that huge a fan of Benefit - I like bits and pieces but I'm not stark raving made about them. I got this brush after the MA used it on me to apply a face product (lord knows what) before I got my brows waxed last week. I really liked the feel of it, and the short handle - so easy to pop in my make-up bag.
So far, I prefer this to any other MAC foundation brush I've used. It doesn't leave me so 'brush mark streaky' if that makes sense.

Has your foundation routine changed now the seasons are changing? I know I definitely needed to get a colour rematch - my tan has faded now :(

Lydia xox


  1. I've also had to pick up a lighter foundation because of a fading tan =( I'm mixing it up between SFF and colorstay and I have bought lighter shades but I've used clinique before and I loved superbalanced. x

  2. You got lucky! I got Stay-True from Clinique and the assistant knew fully well my skin was not fit for that, but for Superbalance!

    Now it dries my skin like crazy and I always have to mix it with a hydrating cream, which I hate doing! Spent all my money for nothing! GRR...and I also hate how it has no "no-transfer" power at all.
    Does superbalance have the same problem? And does it cover visible pores?

  3. @Lydia - no superbalance stays in place for hours on end. i only find it disappearing around 6pm, and that's after being applied in the morning. i don't have problems with pores but it covers my imperfections perfectly :)

  4. This looks like a really great routine- I am so lazy with primer, I really need to use it but I'm usually in such a rush!!!!
    And ohh don't you hate having to change foundations for each season- I think I have about 10 different colours of foundation in my drawer lol it's crazy!!!!