Reading festival 2009 - photos, make-up I took..

1 September 2009

Reading festival 2009 - photos, make-up I took..

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't blogged properly in ages and I've just (well yesterday evening) got back from Reading festival and thought I'd share some snaps and tell you what make-up I took.

As it's a festival, I know you should sort of embrace the mud and be sort of au naturel .. but I had to take some make-up..

I chose
YSL Touche Eclat
MAC Eyelash curlers
L'oreal Voluminous x5 Mascara in Carbon Black
MAC Powerpoint eyeliner in Engraved
Chanel Lipgloss in Astral
MAC Naked Honey Skin Salve

and that was it :) pretty basic and did the job! Not going to lie, I did miss my foundation though.

And here's a couple of my photos :) no artist/band photos because they aren't all that great or interesting.

Above - Monday morning, the aftermath of a crazy weekend!
Hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend,
I promise to blog asap ... I have some things lined up!
Lydia xox


  1. haha wow, it looks like fun!! you look gorgeous by the way xx

  2. Well done on being able to survive on so little make-up! Proof it can be done. Going to a festival is one of my must-do's but I just don't know if I could hack being without my home comforts, i.e. bed and shower! I guess I should before I'm too old. Hope you had an amazing time. xXx

  3. Sounds like a good time! I'm loving the outfits, you look great!! xx

  4. Looks like so much fun!!! YSL Touche Eclat << I need this stuff! Seems like everyone uses it besides me! Great blog xx

  5. wow. it looked like you had fun. and considering the aftermath, it seemed like the place to be. lol. :)