New Perfume Love.. & a few things

13 September 2009

New Perfume Love.. & a few things

Hello everyone.  I'm not one to collect perfumes, I always stick to what I like.. Chanel :) 
So for me, this is a rarity to buy a new perfume, and what's even more shocking is that it is a celebrity perfume! 

Paris Hilton Can Can is a gorgeous, sweet smelling perfume that has incredible lasting power. I sprayed it on Friday evening, and I could still smell it on myself on Saturday morning - exactly the kind of perfume I like!

If you get a chance to give this a sniff at your local perfume counter then go for it.. it's smells wonderful! 

Ok so a few things to say..

1: I move into my new uni house tomorrow and then I am going to Guernsey to stay with one of my friends untill Friday so I won't be blogging. 
2: The internet is currently not set up at my uni house so who knows when I will be able to blog next :/
3: Changed the name of my blog AGAIN because I have recently found about 3 other varied  'shopaholic anonymous' blogs so hopefully this name will last. It's after a MAC product I'm sure you all know and love.. :)
4: I am now a proud owner of an Apple Macbook so I am able to record and edit videos now woop woop keep an eye out :)

Speak soon guys,

Lydia xox

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