FOTD 15/08/09

16 August 2009

FOTD 15/08/09

Hello.. yet another FOTD! Two in one day - odd, right?! Well they are from different days :)

This was from Friday. I woke up 45 mins later than planned, and 45 mins can make a huge difference y'know! So I skimped it with my eye make-up and that's why I wanted to show you :) I liked this simple look a lot.

Basically I just lined my eyes with MAC's Powerpoint Eyeliner in Engraved. I don't normally line my top lash line with kohl because I prefer liquid or gel liners - it creates bigger impact. But I love how subtle it looks when both lash lines are lined with kohl. Plus, the eyeliner I used is not a full on black - it shows up quite grey. I love it!

Close up of my eyes and the colour.

I am def. going to be wearing this look to my early morning lectures, come Sept/Oct when university starts back. It took me literally 2 mins!

Hope you like it,



  1. I really like this look on you! You have such gorgeous skin btw x

  2. Thanks - it's all down to good make-up I think though! Creating the illusion of great skin haha x

  3. Really nice everyday look! i love striking liner :)