Tag: Honest Scrap

7 July 2009

Tag: Honest Scrap

Ok so I got tagged by a few people a while ago, and it went to the back of my mind. Thanks to Emma who just reminded me!

Rules: Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

1. I have really small feet! UK size 3 or europe size 36. People think it's cute but I think it's kind of weird!

2. My auntie has been forever one of my style icons. Ever since I was little I used to want to be like her. I think that's why I'm a dedicated blonde, who loves make-up, shoes and clothes! I used to ring her up on days I would be seeing her to ask what she was wearing!

3. I used to have a million and one career aspirations. It is only this year, when I chose to study a new subject (media) at university, I found a new love - journalism!

4. I have A levels in French and Spanish. I love foreign languages.

5. I have known my best friend since we were 3, we are going to grow old together :)

6. I want to live all over the world, never staying in one place too long. I'd like to think I'd settle in the U.S.

7. I do volunteer work, and help run a dance class for a local primary school during term time.

8. I worked for over a year at the DVLA - yes, the place that makes your driving licenses in the UK. I loved my job!

9. I have two tattoos. But 5 if you count them seperately. Two paws on my chest, and 3 music notes on my ankles. I'm too worried to get more at the moment, incase it hinders me from getting jobs :(

10. I chose to go to a university in the nearby city, because I love Swansea so much. It has everything you could want - one main street full of bars and clubs, a good shopping mall and the beach right on your doorstop :) plus I get the best of both worlds, living away from home but still in a city I call home.

Again, this tag has been floating around for some time now. I tag anyone who wants to do this :)

Lydia xox


  1. Good to know you more! I love foreign languages too!

  2. That was a lovely post...nice to get to know things about other bloggers!Loving your blog, come check mine out if you get the chance x