Some Haulage - inc.Benefit eyebrow wax review

22 July 2009

Some Haulage - inc.Benefit eyebrow wax review

Yesterday I went shopping - it was absolutely pouring down with rain all day long but I had to go as I needed to get my eyebrows waxed for my holiday - I have been holding out nearly 7 weeks you know .. that is some serious overgrown eyebrows I had ha!

Benefit Wax Experience
I normally get my eyebrows done by a girl who calls to my house, however I haven't been able to get in touch with her so I opted to get them tamed at my local Benefit counter.

To sum the experience up..
Cost: £11.50
Value for money: Definitely worth paying the £4 extra than normal, the girl was quick - no overlapping waxes, and minimal plucking afterwards. She also constantly checked with me to see if they were ok - that way you will never have too much taken off.
Results: My eyebrows looked great. She cleaned the area and applied Boi-ing concealer afterwards so I didn't have to walk around with red marks and missing foundation from around the eyebrows!
Would I get it done again?: Definitely, next appointment is already booked!

Whilst I was at Benefit I picked up their Boi-ing concealer in shade 2. When I bought a bunch of make-up at Benefit about 2 years ago, I really wanted to buy this but they were out of my shade so I never got it. So I actually picked this up and am very happy to have it!

Then I went to Acessorize because they had huge SALE posters in the window!

I got this really cute Owl print make-up bag. Sadly it was not in the sale, but I felt it was worth the money. It is black with wipe down material on the inside, plus it is just too cute! This is going to be what I take my make-up in on holiday.

This gorgeous necklace I picked up was also not in the sale, but I kept going back and forth to it and in the end thought "sod it!" and bought it :D

And the one thing I did get that was in the sale was this pretty flower ring - £5 instead of £10 which was a bit of a bargain in my opinion. I love flower rings :)

Then I called into Boots because I wanted to pick up L'oreal Voluminous (x5) Mascara. I got it but I have yet to try it. Will do a blog post on this - I've heard loads about it but never actually seen a review.
Along with the mascara I picked up Rimmel 60 Seconds nail varnish in 809 'Blue Me Away' which is just so pretty!

What the mascara brush looks like. Hmm doesn't look like anything special which is a let down at first sight.

Here is the nail varnish (with flash) - it seems more blue on the brush, than the bottle shows.

Finally, I went to Lush just to re-stock basically.
I picked up a Creamy Candy Bubble Bar because I've been using the Karma bar for about two weeks, and I fancy a more sweet smelling bath :) I've used Creamy Candy lots of times and I think it's probably my favourite bubble bar.

I also wanted a new face mask. I loved using Cupcake, but I want to try a few more before I can decide on a favourite and keep re-purchasing.
After chatting to the assistant, I chose Catastrophe Cosmetic - it sounds like it has multiple uses from what the Lush girls told me so that swinged it for me. Apparently it is amazing for sunburn, which could be handy for when I get back from my holidays! It tones down redness, soothes the skin and is all round good for your skin and fighting spots. I will do a review on this once I've used it a few times :)

The last thing I picked up from Lush were two bath melts - which I didn't photgraph as they were packed together, and I'm going to do a review on them in a seperate post at some point.

Happy Wednesday everyone, I'm off for a meal and to see Harry Potter tonight for a friends birthday. May do another blog on my make-up and outfit as it proved popular with you guys last time.
Lydia Xox


  1. I saw a vacancy for an eyebrow person at Benefit the other day and I thought eh! I didn't know they offered that service.
    I might consider it the next time I need mine doing.
    Great post! x

  2. Yesss we want to se outfits! At least I do ;)!

    That necklace is super pretty! And the corrector looks nice!

    The waxing is a bit expensive IMO o.O! But that's probably just because I'm used to do it all by myself..