Mini Bargain Haul

10 July 2009

Mini Bargain Haul

So I just wanted to show you the bargains I have picked up this week.. they are pretty good me thinks :)

First of all is this peacock style bangle from Sainsbury's, which is a UK supermarket if you are unfamiliar with the name. It cost me just £4 and I think it's beautiful and unusual!

Later on in the week I rummaged through the Topshop sale in my hometown. It is quite a small store, so there weren't THAT many great things and my mantra was "do I need this? is it versatile enough?" and therefore I only came away with one purchase, this lovely floral floaty top below.

It was £35 reduced to £18, plus I get student discount so I was very pleased. I'm going to wear this with leggings or tights in the day, and bare legs with a belt and heels in the evening. I am going to wear this to travel in as I think it would be comfy, with leggings and pumps. I could also wear it to Reading festival with boots or wellies. I will continue wearing it in the winter layered with scarves, tights and boots. A great buy in my opinion :) if you haven't checked the Topshop sale out yet - go go GO!
Lydia xox

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  1. That bracelet is gorgeous can't believe it's from sainsburys.
    P.S Thanks for the comment :) I like having the option of short or long, I wear my hair short a lot more than I show on my blog :).