LUSH Shiny Happy People Gift Box

25 July 2009

LUSH Shiny Happy People Gift Box

On Thursday I got given this belated birthday present off a friend I hadn't seen for a few weeks, and she was away for my birthday. I was MORE than pleased with what I got - I absolutely love Lush goodies, and this is my first ever gift box from there!

She gave me the Shiny Happy People Gift Box :-)

What's in it:
*Happy Hippy Shower Gel
*Sandstone Soap
*Up You Gets Emotibomb

Happy Hippy shower gel is absolutely gorgeous. It smells like lemons and is so fresh. I will be using this for my morning showers/baths because it is has that 'wake up!' smell to it. I would repurchase this because it is very pleasant smelling, and does the job nicely. The texture is a bit like thick jelly, but when you apply it it still manages to work up a lather.

Sandstone soap is another fresh smelling product. I've only used this once but I was pleased with it. It felt a little rough, like it had some sort of exfoliating aspect to it - but that wasn't stated on the label. I wouldn't be in a hurry to re-purchase this because I prefer sweeter smelling soaps i.e. the beloved Rockstar soap. But it is great for the mornings, just like Happy Hippy.

Up You Get emotibomb is, quite simply, AMAZING! It has a zingy lemon citrus smell, that made the gift box smell wonderful before I even opened it. As it sat on my shelf in the bathroom, waiting to be used, it stank the whole bathroom out in a wonderful, refreshing way! When I walked in the bathroom it is all I could smell. I'm a bit sad now I've used it, that the smell no longer lingers. I am def. buying this as soon as I can get my hands on it!

Hope you are all having a great Saturday - mine is lazy!
Thanks for reading, I will try to squeeze my MAC haul post in before I jet off on holiday !

Lydia xox


  1. Great stuff!! I can't wait to check out Up You Get bath bomb now!

  2. i love lush gift boxes, they are so cute! xx

  3. Up You Get is actually an emotibomb designed for the shower not the bath. Although it will fizz like a bath bomb it doesn't have any of the skin softening ingrediants and may be too harsh for your skin to soak in. They're much more concentrated and are supposed to be used to give you an aromatherapy steam treatment in the shower (when the water hits them all the essential oils will steam up in your shower). I know it smells amazing though!! xxx

  4. @loveaudrey - Omg!! It doesn't say that on the label inside! Thanks for letting me know. I've used it now & it was gorgeous.. xox