LUSH Cupcake Face Mask

6 July 2009

LUSH Cupcake Face Mask

I went into town not looking for anything in particular, and whilst I was looking around I noticed a spot had shown up on my chin - grr! So I went into Lush and asked an assistant which face mask was best for clearing up spots.

She suggested two - I can't remember what the other ones name was now - but I remember choosing Cupcake because she said it reallys draws stuff out of your face, all the bad things. She said it in a kind of negative way, and said she only uses it on small sections of her face, where it's needed, because she has sensitive skin. But to me, something that draws everything out of my face sounds awesome to me! I love the feeling of uber clean skin.

As you can see below, it is not the most wonderful looking face mask. Brown, lovely ha. It is quite gritty and you can feel that when you apply it to your skin. I like the fact that it is probably an exfoliating aspect, however it can drag along your skin and spoil where you've already just put some product. That was my only teeny tiny downfall. Not enough to make me think badly of it - it just meant I used a little more facemask than I normally would.

Ahh below - me with the mask on! I scared the hell out of my mum when she saw me walking around in it!

It is not a drying face mask - it doesn't go tight so it is comfortable. I kept it on for longer than the 5 minutes suggested on the tub most of the times I used it - just because I had the time to, and I like to relax in the bath with a face mask on.

After using this face mask 4 or 5 times now, with some product still left for me to use I think it is great value for money at £4. My skin felt very smooth and clean when I washed it off. I can't say it made too much of a difference as far as spots are concerned - I don't really suffer from any form of acne, I get a spot or two here and there once a month.
Would I recommend? Yes
Did it do the job? It made my skin feel clean and soft, but didn't miraculously remove spots
Value for money? Yes
Would I repurchase? Yes, I plan to use it in the weeks run up to my holiday
Lydia xox


  1. I love Lush facemasks, you should save up your empty black pots to get a free one! I used Sacred Truth, and it's really good, feels kinda tight on your skin, but it really does draw out impurities. Thanks for the nice comment about my hair! I usually ask for half a head of highlights and lowlights. I don't use bleach anymore as it's too drying for me. The salon where I go now and the one I used to both use Loreal professional hair colour, so I have the lightest blonde as my highlight, and a neutral number 8 for the lowlight. xx

  2. It looks like a great facemask!! I am looking forward to buy it!