Haul - MAC & Superdrug

26 July 2009

Haul - MAC & Superdrug

Hey guys. Okay so on Friday I went shopping in Cardiff. I went to pick up the last few things for my holiday, and to try and pick Claire (cheekymonkey84) up a Colour Crafted lipstick (sorry!). There is both a MAC store and a MAC counter in Cardiff, so clearly the temptation was too much - I spent a tonne there!

First of all, I was just browsing around Superdrug - looking for content prizes etc. I picked up and put down like a million and one things, but ended up coming away with Revelon's Cherries in The Snow lipstick and Collection 2000's nail polish in Dynasty. Both I heard from Laura (lollipop26) and both I fell in love with!!

Below is a bit of a rubbish swatch of the lipstick - I was in such a rush photographing the items, getting the photos on the laptop etc (I swear I should just make videos would be quicker and easier!)
I will do a post of the nail varnish once I've applied it -I'm going to wear it on holiday because it's a lovely pastel shade.

Then, surprise surprise, onto MAC! My favourite MA served me, and she created many lemmings for me - I wanted to take half the shop home!
This is what I got all together:

MAC e/s in Humid (left) and Bitter (right) - they are gorgeous and so complementary.

Here are the e/s swatches below..

Naked Honey Skin Salve - I was lucky to pick up the last one in the store, so I was very pleased. I have already used it every night since getting it and I am so sad it is limited edition - this stuff is wonderful! My favourite thing to use it on is lips and feet - I smothered my feet in it, put socks on and went to bed - the next morning my feet were incredibly soft!

The next 2 purchases were random and on a whim. I planned to get the green e/s and skin salve, but the MA was chatting to me about new collections and then it lead to looking at shadesticks.. then pigments.. lipglosses.. and voila, I ended up buying one Shadestick in Sharkskin and one Pigment in Lilac.

It is my first ever shadestick, I wasn't really interested in them untill the MA showed me what I could do with them.
The above swatch is the Lilac Pigment on top of the Snakeskin Shadestick - wow look how vibrant it is!
Then the bottom swatch is the Lilac Pigment on its own.
The shadesticks are waterproof and really gives pigments huge staying power - almost impossible to remove without make-up remover!

And finally, I got my paws on the 226 brush. I regretted not picking it up with my Colour Crafted haul and was so glad there were still some 226's in store. I have not had the time to play around with this yet but I am so excited to! I might have to put some make-up on today purely just to play with it hehe!

I will be leaving for Gatwick airport tomorrow afternoon, and I am flying on to Cuba on Tuesday so I am not sure if I will be able to squeeze a blog in before then. If not, have a great week everyone,
Lydia xox
p.s. I will hopefully be updating my Twitter from my Blackberry as often as I can, so follow me if you fancy some updates and photos from my holiday


  1. Ooh great haul! I've heard so much about that skin salve.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Wow, nice haul! That Dynasty polish looks amazing!! Hope you have a great vacation, can't wait to see pics! xx