FOTN 18/07/09

19 July 2009

FOTN 18/07/09

Last night I went out with the girls so here is my face of the night and outfit of the night :)

Dress - from the beachwear section at Topshop, It's so pretty and versatile, I think it's great for nights out too.
Black belt - Topshop
Uber thick black tights - Accessorize
Black patent Mary Janes - Dorothy Perkins

LOL at the photo - I look like I'm wearing a scarf of curly blonde hair!
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC20
MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark
MAC blush in Dollymix
MAC eyeliner in Engraved
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
MAC Dazzleglass in Smile
woo bit of a MAC fest there, I know! It just happened to be what I reached for. I didn't have enough time to be creative in the eye department sadly, but I think a neutral eye works better when you have big done-up hair.
Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. You look gorgeous! And the scarf of curly hair comment made me laugh! :)

  2. wow you look gorgeous ;)
    i agree about the dress i wouldnt have known if it was a beach dress it look gorgeous and deffo can be used as it is versitile as you said!

    you made me laugh with the scarf of hair lol :L

    Great post :)



  3. Lovely outfit! You remind me of a barbie doll!! soo pretty! xx

  4. ooh im loving the outfit for the night. and the look just goes so well with the outfit :) the curls look cute on you very subtle :)

  5. Love your dress!! Really great colours...makes me want to hit Topshop! :-) x

  6. Thank you girls, you're too sweet! xox

  7. Love your necklace!:O look amazing! follow me, if you like what you see on my blog :)

  8. Thanks - I actually got that from my auntie, was thinking of doing a jewellery blog from all the stuff she has given me! Her house is like a treasure chest hehe :)
    Will check your blog out now xox

  9. Great outfit n make-up!

    I'm your newest follower.. hope you get to 100 soon! xx