Rimmel Sexy Curves Masacara Review

20 June 2009

Rimmel Sexy Curves Masacara Review

Second post of the day... woo I'm on a roll! I have been testing, playing and building stuff up to blog about all week but I haven't had the chance to get it on here so sorry! Hope you enjoy the influx of blog posts :)

Ok so as you know I picked up Rimmel Sexy Curves after hearing many good things and wanting to try out a high street mascara.

I think the packaging is awesome, and I'm quite ashamed to say I do judge a book by its cover in terms of products.. if it looks good then it's got the connotation that it's going to BE good!
Love the metallic purple on this.

Below is the wand.. as you can see it goes in and out on both sides - no idea how or why this would make a difference but hey I'm not a professional.

Ok so to compare with my natural lashes - in the photo below my left eye has the masacara on and the right eye doesnt.
As you can see the mascara gives a very natural look which is great for daytime! Also if you compare how long my lashes look, the left eye with mascara on somehow looks longer! All my lashes look singley defined which I love :) I hate clumpy thick mascara - ew!

Below is both eyes with the mascara on, top and bottom lashes. I don't think my lashes have ever looked so defined! It would be really great for pulling a natural look off. Minus my eyeliner, I'm not sure it would even look like I am wearing any mascara.

I will definitely keep using this for day time looks, and keep my Dior for the evenings! I think this a fantastic quality mascara, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked and would reccommend it highly to anyone looking for one on the high street. The only bad thing is that I would say it is not that great for anyone who is looking for volume over length.
xox Lydia


  1. I go by the formula.. if your gonna put on make-up you may as well go all out. My lashes are always drag queen coated. Glad I read this review..not the mascara for me!

  2. lol this mascara is a weird one for me, somedays i love it and cant get enough of it and then other days i feel its drying and then because its drying i dont feel it really does anything for my lashes! Altho i agree with you that the packaging and the wand is super cool!! Great Post xx

  3. That looks really good :).

  4. I bought this mascara last week, and I think I'm quite fussy as I dont like 'fluffy' brushes so this one is perfect! I think its easy to apply and it looks great =) x