Make-up storage

4 June 2009

Make-up storage

Ok so for now I've found a good temporary make-up storage! I want something like I 've just bought.. only bigger, with bigger draws, and more of them.

In these photos is pretty much the majority of my make-up.. all that is missing is stuff I rarely reach for.

Basically it is a plastic draw system, and then I have my make-up bag which is finally de-cluttered and not crammed for a change! Just my regular, daily products in there now.. makes it easier to take places with me!

My make-up bag's never looked so neat and spacey, lol!

I got this at WH Smiths for £8.. so yes it is actually meant for stationary. But I don't care, I searched the city multiple times and there is nothing that fits the bill. This was the one that was most like what I had in mind!
Where/how do you store your make-up?
xox Lydia


  1. I use a train case... And for the brushes a regular cup :) for not it is enough :D
    Oh right for my nail polishes a plastic box and for my creams etc another one..

  2. lol i have this too :) its no where near big enough anymore but it will do for the mean time :)