MAC haul

16 June 2009

MAC haul

Ok so this is the haul I should have been doing about a week ago, but sadly I lost my shopping bag :(

So here is the haul! Better late than never :)

My favourite out of the haul is the Solar Bits from the Style Warriors collection. I chose 'Scatterays' because it looked a beautiful golden colour that would look amazing for summer and on my holiday!

As soon as I opened it a swiped a bit onto my hand and this is what it came up like (below, click on it for a better idea of how great it showed up) obviously it looks really pigmented so I don't want to sound stupid.. but it really has fantastic pigmentation and looks very metallic when applied. I am hoping to have a play around with this properly on my eyes on my next free day so expect a post about it!

The only other thing from the collection that I was interested in was the Lustre Drops - I bought Sun Rush because it looked like the only shade I could pull off, being quite pale and all that. I am saving it for my holidays to mix in with my foundation or tinted moisturiser. I swiped it onto my cheek today aswell and it works as a brilliant bronzer. It is quite shimmery but that's ok by me, so I have no problems with it - I know a lot of you don't like too much shimmer though so that might be something to bare in mind.

The photo of the swatch looked better on my camera (sorry!), but click on it and it might show up better. From this photo you can see how close it is to my skin colour, so it will be perfect to add that golden summer glow :)

Next up is a blush - I never wore a lot of blush before I became interested in the world of beauty blogging. Now I am a HUGE fan and my current obsession is building up a collection of blushers :)
So I picked up a Mineralize Blush in Gentle. I've heard good things about it and I really wanted to try a mineralize blush so I got this. (Any MAC blush recommendations from you guys? I would love to hear what you think would be a great addition!)

Theres the blush in all its glory - I think it's a gorgeous colour. I am more of a girly pink colour person but this is soft and, as the name suggests, gentle looking. I will wear this on my more casual days.
And finally, I got an e/s in the shade Steamy - I've wanted it for a while and simply gave into temptation. It's a beautiful sea green blue colour and I have to say .. it's probably the colour I have been looking for my whole life. I don't suit blues, but green makes my eyes look awesome - this is the perfect shade for me to create blue looks because it is sort of green too.

Look at that swatch! Just one swipe too, wit woo it is beautiful :) looking forward to playing about with this!
I'm off now to catch up on Desperate Housewives and paint my nails with GOSH - Golden Brown :)
Lydia xox


  1. I really fancy the lustredrops would you recommend them, I'm pale too :), have you tried them with your foundation yet ?

  2. All of the items you got look really nice! Sorry to hear that you lost your shopping bag before :( x

  3. @jean - replied on your blog :)

  4. @joanna - thanks! I was so annoyed with myself for being so clumsy. I left them in a changing room and by the time I realised and got back there someone had taken it :( booo!

  5. Thanks for the response :).