MAC eyeshadow - Print

12 June 2009

MAC eyeshadow - Print

Ok so Print was the first MAC eyeshadow I ever bought. I wasn't very impressed and it kind of put me off MAC e/s for a long time.. it is only in recent months I have started buying them again.

However, I've been playing about with it recently and when I'm in a super rush I have been applying Print to my lower lash line as a sort of eyeliner - applying eyeliner when in a rush always ends in disaster. I apply it with a slanted brush and just press it lightly just under my lash line. I love it, and it is more natural looking for the daytime as opposed to real eyeliner. I promise to post a photo of the look soon!
I've also found Print is great for smokey looks, or adding depth to an eyeshadow look (in the outer corners) without bringing the harshness that pure black shadows do i.e. MAC's Carbon

Print is a satin finish but to be honest I find it very matte looking - so the other night I brushed over a Barry M Dazzle Dust in a silver colour and it looked great - an awesome party look.

What eyeshadows do you find versatile, or have learned to love?

Lydia xox

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  1. i've learned to love mac espresso. it's my only mac e/s along w/ carbon. they are both matte. honestly i don't know why i bought them even if they applied badly from the testers. eh. i thought the testers were just dried out :/

    i use espresso w/ a 219 & smudge it on my upper lashes. from afar, you can barely see i have anything on. it just enhances my eyes nicely. it's just a tad darker than my natural skin tone :D