LUSH haul: Rock Star soap + Massage Bars

30 June 2009

LUSH haul: Rock Star soap + Massage Bars

I never really ventured to the soap side of my local Lush shop, that is untill a few days ago.

One that really caught my attention was Rock Star soap, because it smells so gorgeous! Just like the description says, it smells like a candy shop! So I was on good behaviour and managed to just pick this soap up.
I have used the Rock Star soap every night since I bought it which is ooh 4 nights in a row now - I am smitten!! I bought the smallest amount possible because I didn't want a huge bar.. and it's a good job because it looks like this soap will be lasting me a while, it hasn't shrunk at all (hate soaps that do that so quickly)!!

It's so good that even my mum has fallen in love with it and bought herself one! :) so if you haven't tried out a Lush soap yet, definitely go for this one!
Now, the massage bars should be in my birthday haul (which is going to be posted after this.. ) seeing as I bought them yesterday. But I thought it was more fitting to do a Lush haul, as there is so much to put in the bday haul!

First, I got the Therapy Massage bar.. mainly because I heard such great things about it, and then what swayed me was the smell and how wonderful it felt when the Lush assistant put it onto my arms and massaged it in! Wow is all I can say - these massage bars are fabulous!

I got the tin thrown in for free too, because I bought two! Ah sneaky promotions offers, that's why I spend so much haha!

I also ended up getting the Heavenilly Massage bar because it smelled so dreamy! Plus, I wanted the free box - these massage bars are very oily and slippy when they've just been used!

I think the Heavenilly bar is so pretty too. I expected the smell to be more sweet than it is, but it just smells like a vanilla coconut. Still yummy, of course!

I used the Heavenilly last night and I was very impressed. My only down side is, with this hot weather it is not the most comfortable feeling to be all greasy and hot! Especially before bed time. I put on some PJ bottoms to stop my oily limbs touching stuff!
It is definitely worth being all oily though.. that's what a massage is like! And this morning my skin felt like silk. Silkier than ever before.
I heart massage bars.
Lydia xox


  1. I LOVE Lush things. Posting a review of them soon.
    Nice post.
    By the way, my blog has moved. I had a few computer-y problems with the last one!
    please can you follow my new one instead?xx

  2. the last picture, the soap is really cute!

  3. oh, i love lush! i wish there was one closer to my house but i love rock star and honey i washed the kids. :)