It gets worse!

9 June 2009

It gets worse!

So I am clearly not having a great week.. went into Cardiff shopping today, spent £45+ at MAC but accidentally left my shopping bag in Gap's changing rooms - came back 15 mins later and it had gone boo :( wish there were more honest people out there.

Buuuuuttt what I did get, I re-ordered online now thanks to my mum who gave me the money (thanks mum, she understands the make-up addiction!) to re-purchase.

I got/will be getting:
From the Style Warrior collection - Solar Bits in Scatterays & Lustre Drops in Sun Rush
Mineralize Blush in Gentle
E/S in Steamy

I was on a real downer but my mum cheered me up and plus.. I bought Havianas for my holiday to Cuba! CUBA! Now that is most definitely something huge to smile about :)

Hope you are all well, hope to catch up on blogging tomorrow!

Lydia xox


  1. Omg that's terrible! There are no more honest people nowdays.. :((

    But your mom does understand you, hehe which is really sweet of her ^^.

  2. You poor thing! How sweet of your Mummy though :) OOo v jealous of Cuba!! x

  3. oh no! That sucks, I'd totally hand that in if I found a bag, I know I'd be devastated! Hope your luck gets better hun

  4. That is awful. I hate people like that, like when a phone gets left somewhere and someone just keeps it.

  5. @everyone - thanks guys, you make me smile! I hate to moan on this blog because it's not what it's all about but everything is going wrong this week! xox

  6. I hope your days get better! xx