Hair Inspiration

23 June 2009

Hair Inspiration

My hair inspiration has long been Fearne Cotton.

I love the length, the texture, the style and especially the colour.

Currently my hair is a whitey blonde and comes to my shoulders.. but I'm on a journey to get Fearne Cottons hair. I've recently started having highlights again instead of all over colours and my hair is definitely thanking me for it!

Who is your hair inspiration?

Lydia xox


  1. Aw, her hair is lovely. Unfortunately, I have no hair inspiration, my hair is just long and cut straight at the bottom. ._.;

  2. Ooooh Your hair is gorgeous!! Just as, if not more so prettier than hers :)
    Awww when is your b'day!!!??? Happy birthday if I missed it, but if not HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Birthday shopping is the best :) Holiday prep and shopping is the best!!!
    Oooh and thanks for the book tip, I will try to see if I can track it down! I love little travel guides!!!

    Well in case I don't get round to commenting again have funnn and stay safe! I can't wait to catch up with your blog on my return and check out all your holiday snaps :) xo

  3. @Sarah - my birthday is June 26th! So on Friday :)
    I know - can't wait to check out your Europe photos either! Soooo jealous of you!
    L xox

  4. i love rachel bilson. its kind of safe but i'm not really that wild. :)