Body Shop Loving continues..

20 June 2009

Body Shop Loving continues..

I used to rarely go in the Body Shop but recently it has sprung back up in my places I can't not go in when I pass it. Now that I have my discount card it draws me in there.. I guess that's great marketing on their part, but hey it's good for me too because I'm saving!

They have a huge sale on at the moment, I knew this so I went in there specifically to pick up a body butter. They keep giving my body butter samples with my purchases and I have been loving them! My favourites were Cherry and Strawberry but unfortunately they weren't included in the offer so I picked up the Raspberry body butter for £6.. that's half the regular price! The shower gel was only £3 so I thought I might aswell pick up a bargain while it is there eh!
Used them both yesterday before going out and I smelled gorgeous, if I do say so myself!

Something I have been using every day recently is their Honey Shampoo and Conditioner. I picked this up because one of my favourite beauty bloggers Belle du Jour ( says she uses it and her hair is wonderful!
I'm not that big a fan of the shampoo because it doesn't lather very well.. and it means I ended up using a lot of product to build the lather up to begin with. But the shampoo does do its job well and so I've looked past this and have began to love it. The conditioner is fabulous though, left my hair feeling very smooth. I also like the smell which is a bonus - it doesn't smell that much like honey, it has a bit of a marzipan smell to it and I like it.. a lot!
It was quite pricey in my opinion, I think I payed about £14-16 for the pair so I'm not sure if I'd re-purchase in a hurry.. but for now I am just enjoying them :)

Lydia xox

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  1. I dont know what to doo.. i want to go buy stuff but Body Shop is sending me a package of goodies! So do I wait for my freebies that arrive next week or do I go and buy stuff!?

    Looks like a great shower gel!