Body Shop love

10 June 2009

Body Shop love

I've always loved the body shop, but I never really venture in there anymore.. untill about two weeks ago when I got given a discount card instore (it costs £5 but as it was my birthday month I got it for free!) now I have re-discovered the love.

Today I bought Vitamin E Face Mist - mainly for my holiday, on the plane and at the pool.. and also found it was good setting your make-up with. Whilst I was at the counter I sprayed one of their tester White Musk 'White Hot Summer' special edition body mist - at first I found the smell to be too overpowering and sharp, but as I walked around all the other shops I kept getting wiffs of a nice smell and realised it was the spray! So I ended up getting a bottle - once the mist dries it smells gorgeous, and lingers on your person in a good way. So if you're looking for a budget (£9) summer scent, this might be a good option!

They also gave me a sample of their Raspberry Body Butter - I have just put it on my legs and I smell like a fruity dream, ha! Love it. Might have to buy one of these!
It's my summer ball at university tonight, just letting my hair air dry then it's time to get ready! Excited!

xox Lydia

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  1. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog, wanted to make sure you got my response to your questions as there were lots of comments on my newest post. For a long flight what I find works for me is Revlon Colourstay or Clinique Perfectly Real foundation or Chanel Pro Lumiere or the Matte Lumiere. I've applied all of these foundation before a flight excluding the Chanel Matte Lumiere and they all stay on for hours. Powder, blotting powders and blot papers helps a lot and sprits with Fix+. Hope this helps, have a safe flight xxNadia