Birthday haul

30 June 2009

Birthday haul

Ok so this is more of a what I bought out of my birthday money, rather than what I was given haul. I didn't get many presents this year, they dwindle down as I have gotten older but luckily I still get birthday money:) which meant a nice trip to Cardiff for me!

As soon as I got to MAC, the MA who often serves me excitedly gave me a Colour Craft leaflet! This has got me sooo excited for it! I can't remember what date she has said it is out now but it's definitely July in the UK! I could have sworn she said 12th but that is a Sunday.. weird!

Pretty :)
So this is what I got at MAC altogether! A nice little haul :) I was manily after eye make-up. I feel I'm too boring in the eye make-up department so wanted to get some colours on the go!

The 4 eyeshadows and a blush were:
Dollymix blus
Shadowy Lady e/s
Purple Haze e/s
Deep Truth e/s
Black Tied e/s
I will talk about these in more detail further down, but I accidentally loaded the photos in the wrong order!

So here is the one thing I picked up from the Illamasqua counter in Debenhams (I never even knew it existed untill I looked online the night before shopping!)
It is a Liquid Metal in Solstice.
I had seen reviews of it and desperately wanted to get my hands on it. It is so gorgeous and summery. I am definitely taking this on my holiday! Bronzed skin, golden make-up.. mm :)
True to the reviews I have read, it has fantastic pigmentation! So impressed. I put it on my eyes as soon as I came in and I'm incredibly relieved to see it suits me! Hallejuah! At £16 it wouldn't be something I would want to not use.
The Illamasqua packaging is fabulous too. Cute little box and great product box too. Love the shape of it.

Corr look at the pigmentation! That is just one swipe on my little finger!

Now back to the MAC stuff. I picked up MAC Dollymix blush because I wanted a new blush and this looked way pretty. In the pan it looks a bit TOO pink but the MA assured me it comes out a beautiful gorgeous pink, it was the blush she was actually wearing.
I would say compared to Pink Swoon which I used on a reular basis, it is a bit darker.. but not scarily darker!

Here is a swatch below - as you can see it is a girly pink with a nice sublt shimmer to it (because it is sheertone shimmer) which Pink Swoon doesn't.

Deep Truth e/s is something I wasn't planning on getting. I mainly wanted some purple colours, but Deep Truth caught my eye as I was standing chatting to the MA! I just HAD to have it because it is so pretty.

It is a deep blue with a shimmer. A frost finish, I think this eyeshadow could be a new favourite if it suits my eye colour well. According to the MA, for brown eyes I should be going for blues which surprised me!

I also wasn't planning on getting Black Tied e/s but my mum offered to buy me one so I picked this up too! Thanks mum hehe!

I didn't do any swatches of Black Tied because it is so well known and basically a matte black with glitter sparkles. It says it is a Velvet finish but I find it quite matte. It truly is gorgeous. I was tied between this and Carbon -went for this because it is prettier, and more versatile for me!
Right onto the purples. I asked what she thought would work for me, I wanted a darker purple for the outer corners and a lighter one for the middle. She picked out Purple Haze e/s for the middle, and I loved it! It comes out quite dark, but I like that because dark colours work better for me.

Below is Purple Haze e/s (matte, left) mixed with Shadowy Lady e/s (matte, right)

I did buy Shadowy Lady yesterday but accidentally deleted the photo of the pan of the e/s! Oops!
Below is Shadowy Lady mixed with Deep Truth. Quite pretty, I think.

That's all for MAC.
I then went on a search for Kerastase Oleo-Relax Serum. Picked this up at a hairdressers, it is all sold out online and this was my next best bet! It was £16 - so very steep, but I desperately wanted this. I used it this morning on my damp hair and my hair (now dried naturally) feels so much smoother.. and my natural hair aka no straightening, looks much more wearable! So I'm pleased to report - this product works!

I was also in holiday shopping mode. I am going to Cuba 4 weeks today yay!
Sandals are usually a staple in my summer wardrobe. Two things a year I MUST buy - boots for winter, sandals for summer. They are my uber staples.
This year I got these babies below from Office :) I love them a lot.
Last year I got my sandals from Office too, I really think Office have beautiful sandals - this year it has been hard to spot sandals I like - I find a lot of them a bit ugly, truth be told!

Whilst still in holiday mode, I got this sailor-esque bikini from Laura Ashley! It was in the sale, £20 in total, instead of £30. Very pleased with this, I've never bought clothing from Laura Ashley before but I know it is good quality!

Excuse how huge the bottoms look? They look so weird here, actually only a size 12 and NOT high wasted ha! They are in a bikini shorts style which is my favourite :)
To continue the nautical theme, the last thing I picked up were these flats from River Island for £15.99 - I like them a lot! Much more sturdier, rubber soles than most flats so I thought they would be great for walking into town at home, and for travelling in for my holiday :)

I think my favourite present of all was off my flatmate and one of my best friends, Helen. She has a huuuge sheep pillow in her room which she got at home (she lives in Guernsey - Channel Islands) and this is a mini version of it! Cuh-yute!

So.. this blog took me forever, what with all the internet explorer crashing twice but hey.. I got through it! Hope you enjoyed!
If anyone else is interested, I also got Chanel - Chance for my birthday off my mum - it is my favourite perfume, I rarely use anything else :) and I also got a Reading Festival ticket wooop but I asked for that :)
Lydia xox


  1. I love that bikini. It's really 50s and cute

  2. that retro bikini is fabulous! :)