Todays Buys...

30 May 2009

Todays Buys...

Ok so I've had a bit of a busy few days.. and today I decided I should indulge in a little retail therapy!
On Friday I booked my summer holiday to Cuba. I'm going in July, one week all inclusive! Absolutely can't wait!

I had ran out of Too Faced Shadow Insurance.. basically a primer for your eye. I love this product and I don't think I will ever stop re-purchasing it, unless something better comes out!
I know a lot of you use this but just incase anyone doesn't then here's a mini review below.

I also picked up a Maybelline eyeshadow, a line of eyeshadoes of theirs that I haven't noitced before "Eye Studio Mono" in Intense Green.

Here is the shadow insurance tube:

The product itself looks a bit like concealer (see below), but its texture is smoother. Sometimes I will even use this even if I'm not going to wear eyeshadow because it stops my foundation creasing. I hate creases in your eyes, eyeshadow or no eyeshadow, and that's why I love this product so much!
If you've never used an eyeshadow primer before, I can tell you that you will definitely see an improvement in the staying power and intensity of your eye shadows.

So as usual.. I get overly excited and had to try out the new eyeshadow when I got home!
Applied my eyeshadow insurance and then applied the eyeshadow with my MAC 217..

To be honest, I was disappointed with the eyeshadow. It is called intense green, and therefore I expected an intense green colour! What you see below was a result of many, many brushes of the eyeshadow. The first swipe on my eye was barely noticeable! So not a very good pigmentation sadly.

What with all the hot weather recently, and my now booked trip to Cuba I decided I should get some new suncream! I already have (and love love love) the Clinique spf30 Face Sun Cream, so I headed to the Clinique counter in Debenhams to pick up a body suncream. The woman recommended a spf25 for Cuba, apparently anything below would just result in burning - even though I normally go to factor 15 or 10, I trust her advice. I don't want to look like a lobster in utter paradise!!

The smell of this suncream isn't wonderful... but it sinks into your skin so quickly, no need to rub it in. It's quite oily though, despite not containing any oil... it's just the feel of it that is 'oily'. I'm pleased anyway, because I know that I can trust Clinique products.
Now, I hate it when they ask if there's anything else I'm after - because, of course, I'm always after new cosmetic/beauty products! My mind flickered to the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm that lollipop26 ( mentioned on her YouTube vid. She took it on holiday with her and I'm guessing that's why it sparked my memory.
Anyways I got a tub of it (£18, one size available which is a big 125ml tub) because it does look like a good product, and felt great when I swatched it on my hand.

It looks like a balm, not exactly something you would expect to clear all your make-up off your skins. But I'm not sceptical of it, I'm excited to try it out and see the magic work!

You scoop a small amount out and apply it to the skin, when you rub it in it transforms into a silky fluid/oil which removes all make-up.

As I was leaving Boots I got handed a free sample of The Sanctuary's Mela Rose & Pistachio Body Butter. It smells gorgeous and feels so buttery and lovely on my hands when I tested. Along with the sample, there was a leaflet for the free body scrub if I buy the full size body butter.

Look how scrummy it looks. I love body butter! Hoorah for soft silky skin :)

And that's it, fortunately! I didn't over-spend today, I just got what I went shopping for - apart from the cleansing balm anyway.
I'm off to wash all my brushes, which reminds me - anyone in the UK got any recommendations for brush storage? Preferably a box or tub with sections in it! I can't find one anywhere!
Lydia xox


  1. I've been looking for something to hold my brushes in too and have had noo luck!

    Oh and where can you buy the too faced eye shadow primer from? Ty :)

  2. Ooh that eyeshadow looks nice :)

  3. OH good work!!! Going shopping and only coming back with what you had intended to buy is always a feat in itself :) I really need to try out the Clinique sunscreen I think, I'm on the market as I'm going to Europe in less than a month and the Greek Islands for 10 days so I think I need to get onto that! CUBA! How exciting!!!!!!!! I imagine the sun there would be hot, maybe on a par with Greece? That eyeshadow looks gorgeous on your eyes, even though it's a little lighter than what it seems in the pan :)

  4. i like the color of the green e/s

  5. Oooh you have got me sold on the Clinique Lydia :) Thankyou!!!! I am heading off at the end of June, I am veryyy nervous (knowing my luck I'll get bloody Swine Flu or something lol) but I am excited too! We are visiting all of Europe, and London and Ireland!! Oh and a stopover in Dubai too :) Ooh yes Cuba would defin. be hotter than, wow I am so jealous!!! How amazing to visit Cuba!!!! Can't wait to see all your photos when you get back!!!! Will have to do a swap of beach stories lol oooh there is nothign wrong with being a makeup snob if your bank balance can support you I say :D

  6. cuba sounds so exotic & beautiful!

    maybe if you used a packing brush? i dunno. agree that maybelline has crappy e/s. love your long lashes, btw :D

  7. the e/s looks great on you! (even though it's not what you'd hoped I think it looks really pretty) xo

  8. ohhhhhhhh! i read lllipop26s' blog about the clinique makeup remover too! how are you liking it?! im really considering getting somee of itt. (: