Sunday Shout Out

31 May 2009

Sunday Shout Out

Ok, so I wanted to do a shout-out on someone who I think is a fantastic, gorgeous beauty blogger. She doesn't have a written blog so sorry if there are any of my followers who don't follow the YouTube make-up guru's.. but maybe you will now :-)

Her name is Gina, from the U.S. and is a mother to 3 children! She always looks fabulous and regularly posts.. daily.. I don't understand how she can manage it!

Here's the link (I've not figured out how to link properly on here yet.. I'm so slow!) :


Lydia xox

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  1. Aww this is so sweet of you!!! I agree, anyone with kids who manages to look glam deserves a medal!!!!! Hahaha I am sureee the boys would totally appreciate Hello Kitty stamped on their toast each morning ;p