Smashbox Brow Tech

27 May 2009

Smashbox Brow Tech

I've been wanting to try out this Smashbox Brow Tech for a while.. so last week I found myself on eBay ordering it in Taupe from the U.S, and ordering the brush along with it. I ended up getting the double ended number 8 and 12 Smashbox brush.

Finally both have arrived!

After trying them out I decided I do like it... but I wouldn't say it was an amazing product. My MAC Brow Finisher in clear does the job just as well, so I wouldn't repurchase. But for now, I will enjoy the product :)

The product is a disappointing small size! When it said "full size" I expected it to look a little bigger.

Whilst I was a little disappointing with the product itself, the double ended brush is great! I will use this a lot and hopefully it will last me a long time :-)

Happy Wednesday everyone

Lydia xox

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  1. Oooh I have the exact same product and brush! The brush is amazing huh, I love the double end :) I have brow tech in taupe and blonde, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't lol I'm indecisive like thta!