Online shopping ..

19 May 2009

Online shopping ..

Ok so I've just been naughty! Somehow distracted myself from my revision.. ended up on the MAC website.. and just ordered £60 worth of make-up! Uh oh! Obviously I am happy though.. that MAC parcel arriving when I've finished my exams is going to be lush :)

I ordered MAC Fludline in Blacktrack, and the 209 brush to apply it with. I've not used anything like this before, normally use eyeliner pens, kohl or normal liquid liner. So this shall be an experiment! Hopefully I can master it before my summer ball :-)
I won't tell you all that I ordered, I shall leave it untill it arrives and I can do a nice little haul :-)

Just wanted to say that my Ped-egg has been working brilliantly!! If I keep it up a few times a week I shall never have dry skin on my feet ever again! Hurrah to that!

I also rediscovered my love for Neutragina face wipes. I abandoned them for a bit, using regular baby wipes and the Olay wipes.. however I used them again last night and I woke up with super soft, perfect skin :)

Haven't got time for a full-on indepth blog sadly, as I have my final exam on Thursday.. after that I will be free for summer! And more importantly, free to blog!

Blog soon,

Lydia XOXO


  1. Ah I love the ped-egg :D

  2. Everyone seems to love the ped-egg. I've been lusting over sandals on the Kurt Geiger site so I might need to buy one!
    Ooo, I love when the black parcel arrives!

  3. I bought a ped-egg last week! Strangely addictive! My boyfriend was quite disgusted by it.

    MAC Fluidline is probably my favourite product ever. I wear it every day. I don't use pencil eyeliners much anymore- it was a product which changed my whole 'face' routine! Hope you like it too!

  4. @peachykeencheeks - Yes the ped-egg is brilliant! Slightly scary at first.. you are literally grating your feet! But it works so well! I highly recommend :-) x

  5. @daisy - Yeah! All my flatmates think it's weird! But if it works.. it works.. and I'm not gonna complain if it gives me baby bottom soft feet!!

  6. online shopping can be so distracting. especially if you know you have something else to do. :)