Mixed bag

14 May 2009

Mixed bag

Ok so I wasn't able to do a proper blog for a while, untill today. Had an exam this morning and now I have a little exam-break untill Monday! Yay!

My O.P.I polishes came on Tuesday and I was VERY pleased! Super fast delivery, considering they came from the U.S, and the colours are great!!
I got them off eBay as they are FAR cheaper on there! I recommend this lovely little eBay shop who are based in LA :

Here's the polishes -

The colours (l-r) are California Raspberry, Done Out In Deco, That's Berry Daring.

The flash is on so not the exact colours shown but close enough :) I love them. I already have California Raspberry on my toenails, and Done Out In Deco on my fingernails.. see below :)

Ooh Done Out In Deco is certainly a new favourite for me! I will be wearing this almost constantly over the next few weeks :) .. excuse the poor state of my nails in that photo, they are usually lovely lovely lovely and long (what I get complimented on most infact!)

And then onto my little MAC trip in Cardiff... I got two e/s in Sable (frost) and Tempting (lustre). Lollipop26 loves these and recommends wearing them together.. and she was right! They compliment each other very well and they actually suit my eye colour too. I will make sure to do a post of a picture of me wearing them next time I use them :)

Tempting is my favourite, it's so gorgeous! Brown but with speckles of gold... I love shadows like that :) infact I never realised how much I love gold either untill I was playing around with Tempting.

I picked up these cute little bow earrings at Accessorize.. I'm not a big earrings person I just wear cute studs now and again.. to be honest I'm more of a bracelet/bangle or rings girl!

When I saw the LOVE keyring in Accessorize I simply HAD to buy it.... Sex and The City movie anyone?! I bet you guys any money that keyring will sell out! I'm going to put it on my house keys for next year on it when I get them :)
I also picked up this scarf from H&M.. well I lie.. my mum treated me! But it was only £5.99... I will always praise H&M scarfs. I never realised I was such a 'scarf' person, my collection is growing and I wear them every day come to think of it!!

Loving the mix of pink and orange :) mm lovely summer brights.
Hope you've all had a good week... Friday tomorrow yay!
Lydia xox


  1. oh my life - have to get that keyring, i think your right it will fly off the rails. Im sure i saw one on the net not long after the film was realised, everyone wanted one and it was like £100+ im sure it was but i do think i was real gold :)
    FAB blog
    Lu x

  2. I love Done Out In Deco! It's what im currently wearing as well!

  3. Such pretty colours!!! I loveee scarfs, I have a zillion that I've never worn, but I can't help but buy them for their prettiness!!! The SATC keyring is so gorgeous!

  4. Done Out In Deco looks just wow! love those e/s too.