Late night ramblings

7 May 2009

Late night ramblings

Just fancied blogging seeing as I have had a lot of spare time this evening :-)

I have been pampering myself! Just had a hot shower .. mm and I tell you what I absolutely LOVE Soap and Glory!! Soap and Glory shower body wash followed by Soap and Glory body cream :-) I smell like a dream, even if I do say so myself ha!
I have put on a tonne of foot cream just now and putting some socks on to sleep in.. that old trick never fails to leave with me soft feet! Even if it is a temporary fix!
I also have my ION hair mask on which I will be leaving on and washing off in the morning.. I'm quickly running out of this stuff so I'm going to have to buy a cheap alternative in Superdrug tomorrow! I'm thinking the Tresemme one? Anyone use this and like it? It's a big tub and I love the smell of their products so that is my reason for thinking of it..
And finally, I am going to paint my nails in bed (I'm thinking hot pink!) before reading my book. HEAVEN!!

Oh I've also signed up to Pilates classes today.. and for anyone who watches Gavin and Stacey... Gwen from the programme is going to be my teacher!! How random is that!

Good night everyone,

Lydia xox

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  1. That is so random about Gwen being your pilates teacher! Tell us all about it! I LOVE Gavin and Stacey. It's one of my favourite programmes :) xx