High Street Foundation

5 May 2009

High Street Foundation

So, for many years now I have been a bit of a make-up snob. I never really thought high street foundations had good staying power or any lasting coverage, for me nothing was like my MAC studio fix fluid. Nothing gave me that flawless complexion all day and/or night long.

The only high street buy I really liked was Maybelline's cream foundation.. it wasn't amazing but it was a pretty good quality foundation, I used it for days when I was in a hurry.

Well it just so happens, Maybelline have got me again. I had a sample of their Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation and decided to try it out today.. and I love it! Absolutely love it.

I'm going to have to invest in a bottle of this. It makes my skin feel silky and it doesn't feel or look like I have much make-up on! It's light but still has excellent coverage. I'm very impressed. And on top of all this, it's oil free! Yay, my favourite thing to read on a make-up product.

I have also very much been loving my Benefit Eye Bright stick, it has especially made a difference today when I've only had 6 hours sleep eek!

I have to meet up with someone in Cardiff next week so I will be definitely dropping into the MAC store :) I'm after some eye make-up to try out and use for my summer ball next month,
any suggestions are more than welcome!
Lydia xox


  1. Hi, I have not tried this foundation yet, looks interesting. I left you a comment under my comments for the MAC Face and Body Foundation, I hope it helps.xxNadia

  2. Yeah, I didn't like Maybellines other products in the minerals collection but I do love this foundation! I bought a bottle of it today :-)
    I'll check your reply out now, thanks! xox