21 May 2009


So I wanted to do a post about two amazing books by Gisele Scanlon. The first was 'The Goddess Guide' and after its success she brought us 'The Goddess Experience'.

Two very loved books in my collection, and probably the books I go back to again and again the most, you can find little gems in it every time you read it! I love books like that.

The books are beautiful to look at, with an incredible attention to detail. If you love cosmetics, fashion and general being-fabulous-ness then you will LOVE these books! It isn't a 'how to' but a collection of Giseles travels and finds. She has put in here what she believes is the best stuff.

Ooh lovely lovely bags to lust over, my favourite section!

She takes you through major cities, which are: Paris, London, Dublin and New York. She has truly worn out her passport and there is an abundance of different products, treatments, shops and cafes included for all of the cities. It is a little treasure to have.

She seriously covers everything from packing for a holiday, finding the best cakes in Paris, to having her teeth veneered!

And ah, the make-up section was a huge insight for me. Many mentioned products were scribbled down.

So yeah, a little plug for Gisele Scanlon.. not that she needs it, I just think she is bloomin' wonderful!
Lydia xox
p.s. exams are over -> summer has begun!


  1. Oh I didn't know she had a second book! I haven't read the first yet but the second sounds fabulous! :D

  2. The second book is basically "what makes you happy?" she has written about everything that makes her happy! :) it is a lovely read x

  3. Wow, it sounds great. I'll definitely check them out! Thanks. xoxx.

  4. Love these books soooooooooooo much :)
    they are my fav related with beauty, fashion, design, life style tip things.
    i'm using other computer, so finaly i can comment in your blog :)
    Yupyyyyyyyyy :))))))
    so happy, love your blog.
    love gabriela

  5. The second book sounds fab! May have to purchase it. I have got the first book and think it's beautiful- although everything in it is slightly out of my price range! A lifestyle to aspire to!