Friday afternoon ramblings

15 May 2009

Friday afternoon ramblings


Having a bit of a half-hearted day to be honest.. meant to be revising but I'm actually just pottering around my flat if I'm honest. Just got done washing my brushes :-) which reminds me, does anyone who uses YSL Perfect Touch foundation wash the brush that is built in? I just used my MAC brush cleanser on it but it didn't work very well! There is still a tonne of foundation on the brush hmm...

Also, I want to bring to your attention Joanna's blog:
it's brilliant and I can't get over how she only has 2 followers! So I say you go check it out and follow her if you like what you read :-)

I also want to mention how brilliant Solar Oil is... it's a cuticle oil which smells beautiful and really softens up your cuticles in a matter of seconds! I got it from a nail salon I went to in Andover a few months back but I'm sure many nail salons stock it..

What else I am loving.. hmm definitely Vaseline's stimulationg feet and legs cream :-) it smells wonderfully pepperminty and it makes your feet and legs tingle :-) I love it!
But don't make the mistake I made.. don't put it anywhere else or (like me) forget what you're using.. my arms and chest felt like blocks of ice when I accidentally applied it! Aaah I am so silly!

Now I know I said I would be wearing O.P.I's Done Out In Deco constantly because I am so in love with it.. but I couldn't resist trying out my other new nail polish, O.P.I's That's Berry Daring.. so this weekend I will be sporting hot pink nails. My favourite!

. . .

My summer ball is fastly approaching.. I have two black dresses to choose from.. so it is def. going to be a black dress that I'll be wearing! I'm going to go for just eyeliner on the eyes.. no e/s just flicks. So I want a bit of colour on my lips to compensate.. any recommendations? Red? Pink? Baby pink? Coral? What what what should I wear? Any MAC recommendations? I would love to hear what you think I should go with!!

Lydia xox


  1. Aww, thanks a lot for the mention :) That's really nice of you. I would definetly say red or coral lipstick. They're my two favourite types of colours, lipstick wise. Great blog. xoxx.

  2. Hmm it's a hard one, black is so versatile! You could go with simple eyes and hot pink lips, or red lips! They always look gorgeous!