Few things..

9 May 2009

Few things..

Few things I picked up today...

First of all, Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Liner (what a long name eh!) was at the top of my shopping list because I'd heard Sam (half the duo of YouTubes Pixiwoo - http://www.youtube.com/pixiwoo ) raving about this. So I picked it up and I tried it out on one of my eyes.. it is great! It took me forever to get off too with my clinique face wash.. which is great if you need the staying power.. but bad if you have sensitive eyes! Baby oil wiped this straight off, however :)

Another product I scribbled down after seeing them using was No7's Skin Illuminator.. basically it looked like a great highlighter, and after testing it in store I realised I HAD to have it! Apart from Benefit's High Beam, I've never found a highlighter that works for me. This stuff is fantastic though, and at £10 it wasn't too pricey! Oh and I should add... I MUCH prefer it to High Beam :) so save yourself some dollar and get this!!

It has a built in brush applicator but if you hate that then you can squirt it out onto the top of your hand and use your fingers to apply it. I found that the built in brush worked fine, I just buffed it in a bit with my fingers at the end.

Not sure if you can see it there in all it's glory.. Oh I should also mention it comes in two shades - Peach and Pink :) I went for the peach

I wasn't looking for a new conditioner but I saw Doves Heat Defence Theraphy shampoo & condition on offer buy one get one free.. so I picked up two conditioners seeing as I go through it so much more than shampoo! I used it earlier and so far so good.. my hair smells lovely and it feels soft, and it doesnt always feel so soft before straightening!

Right... onto the non cosmetics buys haha! I bought some new heels in Dorothy Perkins :) I'm fed up of my Topshop heels getting ruined on a night out so I bought these as they are patent = easy to wipe down. They also have a chunkier and lower heel than my beloved Topshop heels so hopefully I can let my feet have it easier now and then on nights out!

And finally, this GOOORGEOUS bag! Also from Dorothy Perkins.. and it only cost £20! I am absolutely in love with it and so happy I got it - apparently they haven't been in stock for over a week and it must be an internet return! Very pleased :)

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!
I'm so excited for tomorrow night... I love fancy dress :-)
Lydia xox


  1. Ahh I'm a huge fan of the Chanel-esque bags! I have three of them. If only I could afford the real thing...

    I have that Boots highlighter too- it's great under foundation for a nice bright look. Think I prefer High Beam though!

  2. Oooh gorgeous bag and shoes!!! I love Dove Shampoo's too, they are so soft on your hair! Ah yes, purple nail polishes are sooo pretty :) Have fun at your party!