A few reviews..

27 May 2009

A few reviews..

Ok, so I gave into the Dazzleglasses.. but I only bought one because I don't find them that appealing. I bought 'Smile' Dazzleglass because it looked like a nice coral colour, and I wanted to try atleast one out.

It does look really nice, and pretty natural.. but I hate how sticky it makes my lips feel! I like my lips feeling moist but I hate hate hate sticky lips! Your hair gets stuck in it in the wind.. and it just feels messy! Argh! So I wouldn't purchase any more..

As you know, I bought a YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick a few days ago, and this line of lipsticks really is something special. It is a really moisturising lipstick, with quite good staying power. It smells gorgeous too which is a bonus! It's quite addictive when you wear it.. you just want to keep applying it because it smells so good! My mum loves it too so I think I might treat her to one on the weekend :-)
Here's a swatch below, it's hard to see.. but basically shade 7 is a stunning baby pink. But it's not too neutral, and it is certainly wearable.. especially if the neutral lip scares you a little bit.

I finally invested in MAC'S e/s in Naked Lunch, so many times have I heard that it is a great highlighter, that it is suitable and wearable for all eye colours. So I got it, and I love it! I do. It's a really great neutral colour. If you don't have it yet, definitely get it!

I also got a new MAC e/s in All That Glitters, it has been absent from my make-up collection for quite some time.
Now that I have it again I think I've realised.. it is my favourite eye shadow EVER!
It is such a lovely pink neutral.. if you don't have enough time you can wear it on it's own.. and it is so versatile in the colours it can be blended or used with.

And finally, my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack came. I have the MAC 209 to apply it with, and so far so good! I do like it a lot but I'm finding it quite tricky to handle the brush. I'm slowly mastering it though. Does anyone use a different, better brush to apply it with? Possibly an even thinner brush? I'd love to hear what you guys use!

Oooh, and YSL Top Secrets Primer - has anyone bought this? I love the sample I've got and I really really want to buy it! But I'm holding back as I don't know if I will really keep using it nce the novelty wears off.. plus I hate the brush which will be built in in the full size product.

I have plenty more to blog about it, just trying to break it all down into smaller chunks.


  1. Ah that shade of dazzleglass looks gorgeous :).

  2. Ooh some good products there! I wear All that Glitters most days, and fluidline too!

    I apply fluidline with a 266 brush from MAC as it was recommended, however I also use a nail art brush and it is sooo much easier to apply! It was recommended by lollipop26 too. I got it off Ebay and I think it's called a precision painter. The brush is so thin as it's meant for nails- it's great!

  3. @Daisy - ooh right, thanks! I will check them both out. They recommended the 209 MAC brush to me but it's a little too thick for my liking..


  4. Great blog! I know what you mean about sticky lipglosses. I hate the feeling, which is why I haven't ever purchased any of MAC's lipglasses, but the shade is so pretty that it makes me want to buy it. Hahaha :) xox.