Blog deux

21 May 2009

Blog deux

Ok so this is gonna be a looooonnnnnngggg blog! And that is because I had a looonnngg shopping trip today! Haha. Seriously spent a crazy amount but it's all good.. I had to celebrate the end of exams :-)

First off, I went to Lush. I bought Tea Tree Water which is a toner. It was only £2.89 for 100ml.. I didn't get a big one because I just wanted to try it out! I used to have a lot of spots on my chin when I was younger and tea tree always cleared them up... so I have high hopes for this toner!
They gave me a free face cream sample of 'Vanishing Cream' and a free sample of the face mask 'Cosmetic Warrior'.
Ooh can't wait to try out these tonight! :-)

Then I went to Debenhams (surprise, surprise eh) and got a lovely baby pink lipstick. It is a Rouge Volupte (very moisturising) and it's in shade number 7. I love love love it! Don't often buy lipsticks.. never mind expensive ones.. but this feels amazing on my lips. The moistness of lipgloss, minus the stickyness! :-) loving it already.

They gave me a YSL gift bag with a few sample goodies.. a sample of their new primer 'Top Secrets' .. which is like their Perfect Touch foundation in the way that it is applied with a brush.. but I also had a sample of this on my hand in store and it was so good! So I also have high hopes for that.. I might even buy it if I like it when I try my sample out on my face.
They also gave me a sample of their new face exfoliator, and a little spray bottle of Elle.. mm I love that perfume! Sad my regular sized bottle has run out. Lovely jubbly freebies!

Oh I almost forgot to mention.. I even got a YSL bronzer brush free too! Very happy with that :D

And onto what I actually called into Debenhams for..
I really wanted a sample of YSL's Hydra Feel Hydra Protect face cream. She didn't have any left so I ended up buying a 50ml tub of it after testing it on my hand. Hopefully it is worth what I paid! Eek! I've heard brilliant reviews of it though.

Then I made a stop in Superdrug. I got a Barry M Lip Paint in number 53. It is a coral-y pink shade. I bought it to wear to summer ball.. but that was just an excuse, I love love loved the colour! I'm really becoming a lipstick person as of late... which is new.. very new lol :)

I finally got around to buying MeMeMe's 'Beat The Blues' - a dupe of Benefits High Beam. It is mre golden and sunkissed than High Beam.. as that obviously is a lot more pink. But I think I prefer this colour! And it is pretty cheap too, around £4!

Oh here is the Barry M lip paint I got.. I hate my cameras flash! And I hate it without the flash! Can't win eh.

And then here is the Barry M Dazzle Dust I bought in number 94. I love it! Such great pigmentation...

In this picture I had literally dabbed my finger into the pot.. the pigment is crazy good. Love Barry M a lot!

I bought two nail varnishes whilst I was there. Maybelline Forever Strong Professional in 245. Love this shade. I have always loved dark purple nails and it was about time I invested in a new dark purple polish :-)

It has flecks of glitter but isn't overly glitterly.. it's not tacky looking anyway.

The other nail polish I got was Barry M's Coral (296) nail varnish. I've purchased and loved this colour before, so I was just re-stocking up ready for summer!
Then I bought a purse in River Island. It takes a lot for me to abandon my beloved Radley, however I absolutely fell in love with this purse. The last one in store, I clearly HAD to buy it!

Here's the inside, I am slowly transferring purses at the moment..

And finally, this is the dress I got at Republic. At £29.99 it is pretty cheap compared to what I'd spend at my beloved Topshop.

I love this dress so much I'm now considering wearing it for Summer Ball.. oh the decisions!
Anyways hope you like my haul, I'll re-post again some time soon letting you know how I get on with my buys :-)
Lydia XOXO


  1. Ooh that's a gorgeous dress :).

  2. Absolutely love everything you bought and as you will see from my blog, I have been lusting after the YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks. They're on my list! Great blog x

  3. I am considering getting the tea tree spray! Let us know what you think of it!