Florabundance: May 2009

31 May 2009

Sunday Shout Out

Ok, so I wanted to do a shout-out on someone who I think is a fantastic, gorgeous beauty blogger. She doesn't have a written blog so sorry if there are any of my followers who don't follow the YouTube make-up guru's.. but maybe you will now :-)

Her name is Gina, from the U.S. and is a mother to 3 children! She always looks fabulous and regularly posts.. daily.. I don't understand how she can manage it!

Here's the link (I've not figured out how to link properly on here yet.. I'm so slow!) :



Lydia xox

30 May 2009

Todays Buys...

Ok so I've had a bit of a busy few days.. and today I decided I should indulge in a little retail therapy!
On Friday I booked my summer holiday to Cuba. I'm going in July, one week all inclusive! Absolutely can't wait!

I had ran out of Too Faced Shadow Insurance.. basically a primer for your eye. I love this product and I don't think I will ever stop re-purchasing it, unless something better comes out!
I know a lot of you use this but just incase anyone doesn't then here's a mini review below.

I also picked up a Maybelline eyeshadow, a line of eyeshadoes of theirs that I haven't noitced before "Eye Studio Mono" in Intense Green.

Here is the shadow insurance tube:

The product itself looks a bit like concealer (see below), but its texture is smoother. Sometimes I will even use this even if I'm not going to wear eyeshadow because it stops my foundation creasing. I hate creases in your eyes, eyeshadow or no eyeshadow, and that's why I love this product so much!
If you've never used an eyeshadow primer before, I can tell you that you will definitely see an improvement in the staying power and intensity of your eye shadows.

So as usual.. I get overly excited and had to try out the new eyeshadow when I got home!
Applied my eyeshadow insurance and then applied the eyeshadow with my MAC 217..

To be honest, I was disappointed with the eyeshadow. It is called intense green, and therefore I expected an intense green colour! What you see below was a result of many, many brushes of the eyeshadow. The first swipe on my eye was barely noticeable! So not a very good pigmentation sadly.

What with all the hot weather recently, and my now booked trip to Cuba I decided I should get some new suncream! I already have (and love love love) the Clinique spf30 Face Sun Cream, so I headed to the Clinique counter in Debenhams to pick up a body suncream. The woman recommended a spf25 for Cuba, apparently anything below would just result in burning - even though I normally go to factor 15 or 10, I trust her advice. I don't want to look like a lobster in utter paradise!!

The smell of this suncream isn't wonderful... but it sinks into your skin so quickly, no need to rub it in. It's quite oily though, despite not containing any oil... it's just the feel of it that is 'oily'. I'm pleased anyway, because I know that I can trust Clinique products.
Now, I hate it when they ask if there's anything else I'm after - because, of course, I'm always after new cosmetic/beauty products! My mind flickered to the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm that lollipop26 (http://www.youtube.com/lollipop26) mentioned on her YouTube vid. She took it on holiday with her and I'm guessing that's why it sparked my memory.
Anyways I got a tub of it (£18, one size available which is a big 125ml tub) because it does look like a good product, and felt great when I swatched it on my hand.

It looks like a balm, not exactly something you would expect to clear all your make-up off your skins. But I'm not sceptical of it, I'm excited to try it out and see the magic work!

You scoop a small amount out and apply it to the skin, when you rub it in it transforms into a silky fluid/oil which removes all make-up.

As I was leaving Boots I got handed a free sample of The Sanctuary's Mela Rose & Pistachio Body Butter. It smells gorgeous and feels so buttery and lovely on my hands when I tested. Along with the sample, there was a leaflet for the free body scrub if I buy the full size body butter.

Look how scrummy it looks. I love body butter! Hoorah for soft silky skin :)

And that's it, fortunately! I didn't over-spend today, I just got what I went shopping for - apart from the cleansing balm anyway.
I'm off to wash all my brushes, which reminds me - anyone in the UK got any recommendations for brush storage? Preferably a box or tub with sections in it! I can't find one anywhere!
Lydia xox

28 May 2009

MeMeMe Beat The Blues

MeMeMe Beat The Blues

This dupe for Benefits High Beam is well worth trying out! It is my favourite highlighter at the moment, I find most highlighters make my blush/bronzer/MSF looks sparkly and shiny if they overlap and it looks horrible. MeMeMe's Beat The Blues doesn't do this. Its gold in colour but not overly shimmery.. I think it just about the perfect colour for a cheek highligter.

For only £3-4, it is a bargain if you're in the UK!
Lydia xox

27 May 2009

Smashbox Brow Tech

I've been wanting to try out this Smashbox Brow Tech for a while.. so last week I found myself on eBay ordering it in Taupe from the U.S, and ordering the brush along with it. I ended up getting the double ended number 8 and 12 Smashbox brush.

Finally both have arrived!

After trying them out I decided I do like it... but I wouldn't say it was an amazing product. My MAC Brow Finisher in clear does the job just as well, so I wouldn't repurchase. But for now, I will enjoy the product :)

The product is a disappointing small size! When it said "full size" I expected it to look a little bigger.

Whilst I was a little disappointing with the product itself, the double ended brush is great! I will use this a lot and hopefully it will last me a long time :-)

Happy Wednesday everyone

Lydia xox

A few reviews..

Ok, so I gave into the Dazzleglasses.. but I only bought one because I don't find them that appealing. I bought 'Smile' Dazzleglass because it looked like a nice coral colour, and I wanted to try atleast one out.

It does look really nice, and pretty natural.. but I hate how sticky it makes my lips feel! I like my lips feeling moist but I hate hate hate sticky lips! Your hair gets stuck in it in the wind.. and it just feels messy! Argh! So I wouldn't purchase any more..

As you know, I bought a YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick a few days ago, and this line of lipsticks really is something special. It is a really moisturising lipstick, with quite good staying power. It smells gorgeous too which is a bonus! It's quite addictive when you wear it.. you just want to keep applying it because it smells so good! My mum loves it too so I think I might treat her to one on the weekend :-)
Here's a swatch below, it's hard to see.. but basically shade 7 is a stunning baby pink. But it's not too neutral, and it is certainly wearable.. especially if the neutral lip scares you a little bit.

I finally invested in MAC'S e/s in Naked Lunch, so many times have I heard that it is a great highlighter, that it is suitable and wearable for all eye colours. So I got it, and I love it! I do. It's a really great neutral colour. If you don't have it yet, definitely get it!

I also got a new MAC e/s in All That Glitters, it has been absent from my make-up collection for quite some time.
Now that I have it again I think I've realised.. it is my favourite eye shadow EVER!
It is such a lovely pink neutral.. if you don't have enough time you can wear it on it's own.. and it is so versatile in the colours it can be blended or used with.

And finally, my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack came. I have the MAC 209 to apply it with, and so far so good! I do like it a lot but I'm finding it quite tricky to handle the brush. I'm slowly mastering it though. Does anyone use a different, better brush to apply it with? Possibly an even thinner brush? I'd love to hear what you guys use!

Oooh, and YSL Top Secrets Primer - has anyone bought this? I love the sample I've got and I really really want to buy it! But I'm holding back as I don't know if I will really keep using it nce the novelty wears off.. plus I hate the brush which will be built in in the full size product.

I have plenty more to blog about it, just trying to break it all down into smaller chunks.

Champneys Cleansing Milk

Usually, for a make-up remover to really work on me it either has to involve water and a facial wash or a wet wipe.. but there has just been a breakthrough!
I used Champneys Skin Comforting Gentle Cleansing Milk both last night and tonight to remove a full face of make-up and it worked brilliantly. No need to rinse the face afterwards, just a cotton wool pad to remove the make-up is enough to soak up the product too.
My skin feels soft and clean too.. and more importantly, so do my lashes. Amazing :) it's safe to say I love this product.. 5 stars from me!
Good night bloggers,

Lydia xox

23 May 2009

What I'm Using At The Moment

Ok so I pinched this off the lovely Daisy - http://cupcakeswithcherries.blogspot.com/

I have come home to my parents house for a few days as I have finished my exams and some of my flatmates are still revising for theirs.. so sadly I won't be able to post about all the products I've recently bought.. which is a huge shame as I am dying to tell you about them!!

What I am currently using and loving ...


Shampoo -I tend to alternate a lot because my hair goes a bit limp or greasy if I keep using the same thing. But I bought Patene Sleek and Shine the other day and mm it smells good :)

Conditioner - Also the Pantene Sleek and Shine. But tonight I will be using my ION intense hydration hair mask :)

Hair Mask - Ooops, just answered that! ION :)

Styling Products -I don't use much styling products, but for heat protection I use the L'Oreal Heat Protection Cream... the one in the pink bottle.. it is a wonderful product :-)


Body Wash - Original La Source in Lime

Body Moisturizer - Vaseline Intensive Moisturiser.. got it on offer and I love it.. does the job nicely anyway :) and it sinks in very quickly which is good for the mornings!

Deodorant - Sure Crystal Clear

Fake Tan - Dove Summer Glow body lotion :) got this when it was on offer and I loooovee it so much! Never been keen on the gradual self tanners but this product get's 5 stars from me!


Makeup Remover - Clinique face wash or regular baby wipes, depending on how tired I am!

Cleanser -Clinique face wash acts as my cleanser..

Toner - Clinique 3-step toner in number 2. But for the last two nights I've tried out my Lush Tea Tree toner and so far so good!

Exfoliator - YSL sample I got. But other than that, it's good old Neutragina :-)

Mask - Neutragina two in one face wash/face mask


Primer - YSL Top Secrets (I got a sample of it)

Foundation - MAC Studio Sculpt

Concealer - MAC Studio Sculpt

Powder - MAC Mineral Skinfinish is what I usually use to set my make-up

Blush - Benefit Posietint or MAC Pink Swoon

Bronzer - YSL Poudres de Soleil

Highlighter - Number 7 Skin Illuminator in Peach

Eyebase - Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eyeshadow - Either nothing at all or All That Glitters :-)

Eyeliner - YSL Double Wear Zero Smudge liquid eyeliner

Curler - No7

Mascara - Dior Diorshow Blackout in Black

Lipstick - YSL Rouge Volupte in shade 7

Gloss - MAC pink lemoade

Nail Varnish - OPI Done Out In Deco

Have a great bank holiday weekend! Feel free to steal this!

Lydia xox

21 May 2009

Blog deux

Ok so this is gonna be a looooonnnnnngggg blog! And that is because I had a looonnngg shopping trip today! Haha. Seriously spent a crazy amount but it's all good.. I had to celebrate the end of exams :-)

First off, I went to Lush. I bought Tea Tree Water which is a toner. It was only £2.89 for 100ml.. I didn't get a big one because I just wanted to try it out! I used to have a lot of spots on my chin when I was younger and tea tree always cleared them up... so I have high hopes for this toner!
They gave me a free face cream sample of 'Vanishing Cream' and a free sample of the face mask 'Cosmetic Warrior'.
Ooh can't wait to try out these tonight! :-)

Then I went to Debenhams (surprise, surprise eh) and got a lovely baby pink lipstick. It is a Rouge Volupte (very moisturising) and it's in shade number 7. I love love love it! Don't often buy lipsticks.. never mind expensive ones.. but this feels amazing on my lips. The moistness of lipgloss, minus the stickyness! :-) loving it already.

They gave me a YSL gift bag with a few sample goodies.. a sample of their new primer 'Top Secrets' .. which is like their Perfect Touch foundation in the way that it is applied with a brush.. but I also had a sample of this on my hand in store and it was so good! So I also have high hopes for that.. I might even buy it if I like it when I try my sample out on my face.
They also gave me a sample of their new face exfoliator, and a little spray bottle of Elle.. mm I love that perfume! Sad my regular sized bottle has run out. Lovely jubbly freebies!

Oh I almost forgot to mention.. I even got a YSL bronzer brush free too! Very happy with that :D

And onto what I actually called into Debenhams for..
I really wanted a sample of YSL's Hydra Feel Hydra Protect face cream. She didn't have any left so I ended up buying a 50ml tub of it after testing it on my hand. Hopefully it is worth what I paid! Eek! I've heard brilliant reviews of it though.

Then I made a stop in Superdrug. I got a Barry M Lip Paint in number 53. It is a coral-y pink shade. I bought it to wear to summer ball.. but that was just an excuse, I love love loved the colour! I'm really becoming a lipstick person as of late... which is new.. very new lol :)

I finally got around to buying MeMeMe's 'Beat The Blues' - a dupe of Benefits High Beam. It is mre golden and sunkissed than High Beam.. as that obviously is a lot more pink. But I think I prefer this colour! And it is pretty cheap too, around £4!

Oh here is the Barry M lip paint I got.. I hate my cameras flash! And I hate it without the flash! Can't win eh.

And then here is the Barry M Dazzle Dust I bought in number 94. I love it! Such great pigmentation...

In this picture I had literally dabbed my finger into the pot.. the pigment is crazy good. Love Barry M a lot!

I bought two nail varnishes whilst I was there. Maybelline Forever Strong Professional in 245. Love this shade. I have always loved dark purple nails and it was about time I invested in a new dark purple polish :-)

It has flecks of glitter but isn't overly glitterly.. it's not tacky looking anyway.

The other nail polish I got was Barry M's Coral (296) nail varnish. I've purchased and loved this colour before, so I was just re-stocking up ready for summer!
Then I bought a purse in River Island. It takes a lot for me to abandon my beloved Radley, however I absolutely fell in love with this purse. The last one in store, I clearly HAD to buy it!

Here's the inside, I am slowly transferring purses at the moment..

And finally, this is the dress I got at Republic. At £29.99 it is pretty cheap compared to what I'd spend at my beloved Topshop.

I love this dress so much I'm now considering wearing it for Summer Ball.. oh the decisions!
Anyways hope you like my haul, I'll re-post again some time soon letting you know how I get on with my buys :-)
Lydia XOXO


So I wanted to do a post about two amazing books by Gisele Scanlon. The first was 'The Goddess Guide' and after its success she brought us 'The Goddess Experience'.

Two very loved books in my collection, and probably the books I go back to again and again the most, you can find little gems in it every time you read it! I love books like that.

The books are beautiful to look at, with an incredible attention to detail. If you love cosmetics, fashion and general being-fabulous-ness then you will LOVE these books! It isn't a 'how to' but a collection of Giseles travels and finds. She has put in here what she believes is the best stuff.

Ooh lovely lovely bags to lust over, my favourite section!

She takes you through major cities, which are: Paris, London, Dublin and New York. She has truly worn out her passport and there is an abundance of different products, treatments, shops and cafes included for all of the cities. It is a little treasure to have.

She seriously covers everything from packing for a holiday, finding the best cakes in Paris, to having her teeth veneered!

And ah, the make-up section was a huge insight for me. Many mentioned products were scribbled down.

So yeah, a little plug for Gisele Scanlon.. not that she needs it, I just think she is bloomin' wonderful!
Lydia xox
p.s. exams are over -> summer has begun!

19 May 2009

Online shopping ..

Ok so I've just been naughty! Somehow distracted myself from my revision.. ended up on the MAC website.. and just ordered £60 worth of make-up! Uh oh! Obviously I am happy though.. that MAC parcel arriving when I've finished my exams is going to be lush :)

I ordered MAC Fludline in Blacktrack, and the 209 brush to apply it with. I've not used anything like this before, normally use eyeliner pens, kohl or normal liquid liner. So this shall be an experiment! Hopefully I can master it before my summer ball :-)
I won't tell you all that I ordered, I shall leave it untill it arrives and I can do a nice little haul :-)

Just wanted to say that my Ped-egg has been working brilliantly!! If I keep it up a few times a week I shall never have dry skin on my feet ever again! Hurrah to that!

I also rediscovered my love for Neutragina face wipes. I abandoned them for a bit, using regular baby wipes and the Olay wipes.. however I used them again last night and I woke up with super soft, perfect skin :)

Haven't got time for a full-on indepth blog sadly, as I have my final exam on Thursday.. after that I will be free for summer! And more importantly, free to blog!

Blog soon,

Lydia XOXO

15 May 2009

Friday afternoon ramblings


Having a bit of a half-hearted day to be honest.. meant to be revising but I'm actually just pottering around my flat if I'm honest. Just got done washing my brushes :-) which reminds me, does anyone who uses YSL Perfect Touch foundation wash the brush that is built in? I just used my MAC brush cleanser on it but it didn't work very well! There is still a tonne of foundation on the brush hmm...

Also, I want to bring to your attention Joanna's blog: http://joannartw.blogspot.com/
it's brilliant and I can't get over how she only has 2 followers! So I say you go check it out and follow her if you like what you read :-)

I also want to mention how brilliant Solar Oil is... it's a cuticle oil which smells beautiful and really softens up your cuticles in a matter of seconds! I got it from a nail salon I went to in Andover a few months back but I'm sure many nail salons stock it..

What else I am loving.. hmm definitely Vaseline's stimulationg feet and legs cream :-) it smells wonderfully pepperminty and it makes your feet and legs tingle :-) I love it!
But don't make the mistake I made.. don't put it anywhere else or (like me) forget what you're using.. my arms and chest felt like blocks of ice when I accidentally applied it! Aaah I am so silly!

Now I know I said I would be wearing O.P.I's Done Out In Deco constantly because I am so in love with it.. but I couldn't resist trying out my other new nail polish, O.P.I's That's Berry Daring.. so this weekend I will be sporting hot pink nails. My favourite!

. . .

My summer ball is fastly approaching.. I have two black dresses to choose from.. so it is def. going to be a black dress that I'll be wearing! I'm going to go for just eyeliner on the eyes.. no e/s just flicks. So I want a bit of colour on my lips to compensate.. any recommendations? Red? Pink? Baby pink? Coral? What what what should I wear? Any MAC recommendations? I would love to hear what you think I should go with!!

Lydia xox

14 May 2009

Mixed bag

Ok so I wasn't able to do a proper blog for a while, untill today. Had an exam this morning and now I have a little exam-break untill Monday! Yay!

My O.P.I polishes came on Tuesday and I was VERY pleased! Super fast delivery, considering they came from the U.S, and the colours are great!!
I got them off eBay as they are FAR cheaper on there! I recommend this lovely little eBay shop who are based in LA :

Here's the polishes -

The colours (l-r) are California Raspberry, Done Out In Deco, That's Berry Daring.

The flash is on so not the exact colours shown but close enough :) I love them. I already have California Raspberry on my toenails, and Done Out In Deco on my fingernails.. see below :)

Ooh Done Out In Deco is certainly a new favourite for me! I will be wearing this almost constantly over the next few weeks :) .. excuse the poor state of my nails in that photo, they are usually lovely lovely lovely and long (what I get complimented on most infact!)

And then onto my little MAC trip in Cardiff... I got two e/s in Sable (frost) and Tempting (lustre). Lollipop26 loves these and recommends wearing them together.. and she was right! They compliment each other very well and they actually suit my eye colour too. I will make sure to do a post of a picture of me wearing them next time I use them :)

Tempting is my favourite, it's so gorgeous! Brown but with speckles of gold... I love shadows like that :) infact I never realised how much I love gold either untill I was playing around with Tempting.

I picked up these cute little bow earrings at Accessorize.. I'm not a big earrings person I just wear cute studs now and again.. to be honest I'm more of a bracelet/bangle or rings girl!

When I saw the LOVE keyring in Accessorize I simply HAD to buy it.... Sex and The City movie anyone?! I bet you guys any money that keyring will sell out! I'm going to put it on my house keys for next year on it when I get them :)
I also picked up this scarf from H&M.. well I lie.. my mum treated me! But it was only £5.99... I will always praise H&M scarfs. I never realised I was such a 'scarf' person, my collection is growing and I wear them every day come to think of it!!

Loving the mix of pink and orange :) mm lovely summer brights.
Hope you've all had a good week... Friday tomorrow yay!
Lydia xox