New Eyeliner Love

27 April 2009

New Eyeliner Love

Ok so a few weeks ago I said I hated MAC's powerpoint eye pencil (shade Engraved).. it wasn't coming out black enough for me and it was hard to draw on - it looked really faint, but I've had a change of heart!
It must have been because it was brand new or something, because now it glides on smoothly in a neat thin line and it doesn't smudge as much though the day as my beloved Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on (shade Zero.)
I think I just got a new favourite here!

Another eyeliner that holds a special place in my heart is another Urban Decay glide-on, in the shade Covet.. it is the most flattering colour for my eyes ever! My eyes always 'pop' when I wear this, if that makes any sense.. it's gorgeous.

And seeing as we're talking about my love of eyeliners, I'll mention my final favourite.. Bourjois Liner Feutre.. basically an eyeliner pen. It is genius and I have about 5 of them scattered through my make-up collection. It is a staple indeed, especially if you're not that great at drawing on eyeliner from a pot.

Happy Monday


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