Ins and Outs

26 April 2009

Ins and Outs

Well.. I've yet to do this, so here goes!

Clinique spf 30 (uva&uvb) face cream - this stuff is genius! I've been using it under foundation if it doesn't have a spf in it, it glides on so smoothly and leaves your face looking very matt.. plus it is oil free so no spots have arisen as of yet! Last year on holiday I wore normal sun cream on my face and as it was so hot it ran into my eyes and oh.. it was terrible.. I can't even explain what it did to my skin and eyes..

MAC 134 Brush - so glad I invested in this! £34 is a bit steep.. but my Mineral Skin Finish/bronzer has been looking so much better since I've used this brush to apply it with! I would now be lost without it.

Studio Hot Straight Cream - I have been using this for about two months now and I can truly say I'm hooked!! It makes your hair feel incredibly soft - something very rare for people with bleached hair like me let me tell you! It doesn't weight down your hair, you can't even notice you have product in your hair when it's dried. I highly recommend :-)

YSL Perfect Touch Foundation - Right, I absolutely hate this product! I bought it because one of my flatmates uses it and swears by it, but it's certainly not working for me. The only pro is that I like the built in brush to apply it with, but the foundation itself is not very good. Not good coverage, and it disappears quite early on in the day.

MAC 129 Brush - My first brush shedded quite quickly and I thought it was down to my poor looking after of it when I first bought it. So I bought a new one the other day with good intentions to look after it better etc, only to find out later on that week that loads of people find this brush sheds quickly. Gah!

Maybelline Mineral Collection - I thought maybe I could learn to love this range but I just can't! The face powder gives rubbish coverage, and it is never even.. you just end up applying more and more and looking cakey! The bronzer isn't right being loose powder.. you end up with bronze dots lower down your face from applying it. Same with the blusher. Boo.

Have a good Sunday all,

I'll be doing lots of work :(

Lydia xox


  1. Thanks for letting us know :) I didn't realy like the Maybelline Mineal Collection either!!

  2. Ahhh I feel you pain with the sunscreen!!! I did the exact same thing last year! I used some Nivea 30+ on my body and face for about a week, by the end of the week my face had broken out so bad! I was almost in tears! Never again! I will have to try the Clinique!!!

  3. Yeah over here the Clinique is like £13.. not a bad price I'd say!
    I was in Egypt and cos it was so hot it was running into my eyes so I had bloodshot eyes and my skins was all dry in patches! Urgh! Never again lol :)