Hair happenings

12 April 2009

Hair happenings

Hey, it's been a while yet again! Been to stay with my auntie for a few days in Southampton so there's my excuse.

While I've been away I've had a chance to shop (oh dear!) and try out some hair products. I was on the lookout for an intensive conditioner seeing as my hair has been breaking a bit recently.
I picked up L'Oreal Elvive Damage Care at Sainsburys on offer for £2 something! Thought it was a bargain but the product didn't do much for my hair. Sure it gave it some moisturising but it made my hair feel heavy and full of product when it had been washed out and dried! Ergh! I don't reccommend!

However, a product I was very impressed with was ION's Intensive Drench Deep Conditioner (picked up from Sallys for around £6.)

It smells gorgeous and made my hair feel super smooth! Mucho pleased. My hair is really shiny and soft feeling.. can't stop touchng it!

I also used it on my extensions earlier so here's a pic of them to show how shiny they are (dried with hairdryer but not straighteners)


I also got sent a Fekkai Glossing Cream trial! Mm so far so good. Shall be using it again later when my hair is straightened so I'll let you know how it goes when I come to the end of the trial!

Am off out tonight for a bit of bank holiday partying and shall be wearing my shiny extensions :-)

Hope you all had a great Easter!

Lydia xox

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