22 April 2009


Sooo I did finally go shopping today!

I have been dying to try out MAC's studio sculpt foundation and concealer.. I got them both matched up and it looked great so I bought both! Shockingly, I'm a NW15.. how pale have I gotten over winter :( I need a holiday! I used to be NC25 and I did tell her this hmm. But nevertheless, it's a perfect match and I'm so happy! It feels so light and lovely on my face.. plus the concealer is great too! Bought a new 217 brush to apply it with, as I use my other 217 for eyeshadow.. I don't have time to wash them all every day!
Make-up :

Aswell as the 217 brush I got MAC's 134 brush for applying my bronzer or Mineral Skin Finish, and I picked up a new 129 brush for my blusher... my last 129 brush is pretty ruined because I didn't wash it and take enough care of it when I got it (although it's lasted nearly 2 years now I think!).. moral is : looking after your brushes seriously makes a difference!
Here they are :

I was hoping to buy the Well Dressed blusher however I spent a tonne on just those few things! The 134 brush was £34 can you believe it! But well worth it I have no doubt :)

Now, not make-up related.. I went into Topshop looking for this white beach dress I'd had my eye on for AGES! Turns out it didn't look right on me and I picked up a white leopard print cheaper version there instead and it will be great for both beach time or night time! Saved myself £10 there! And I got some gold summer sandals from Topshop too, only £16 so quite the bargain me thinks.

Hope you've all had a good day

Lydia xox


  1. Nice haul! Enjoy your new goodies. :)

  2. Great goodies you got, Im going to get some new brushes soon. I also started washing mine as its shocking the amount of dirt that comes out of them!! lol