29 April 2009


Yes it is true, I can't walk past a Debenhams store without walking in and getting sucked into the world of beauty products! Ah.. just the smell of the Nails Inc counter is enough to stop me from turning round and leaving.
Well today, I just so happened to not be able to resist my local Debenhams, and ended up spending £35 + ! Something I can't actually afford to do right now ha but I am very pleased with my purchases :)

They're from Benefit.. this is what I got :

Yay! I'd seen a few people on youtube use an eye brightner, but somehow got it into my head it was white not pink.. so I was a bit hmm ooh ahh am I buying the right one at the counter.. but boy oh boy do I love it! So glad I bought it!
I really do believe it makes a difference! I put it on one eye and not the other to begin with to compare and the eye with it on looked fresh.. and who doesn't want to look fresh and awake when they've not had their 8 hrs sleep eh?!

And.... I'm not a fan of "mini sets" with miniture lame products that will never last 5 minutes, however I bought the Justine Case "just-in-case" because I really really really wanted to try Posietint and California Kissin' .. this seemed like the easier option, and it fits into my handbag nicely!

And just for you all to know.. I love love LOVED California Kissin' ! I am going to have to buy the real sized one uh ohs. And posietint was quite nice too but I'll have to apply it fresh, not over my own blusher like I did today.
Hope you all had a good day, it's nearly 1.30 in the morning and I have only finished up doin work for university aaaah!
Good night bloggers


  1. I remember years ago I had the mini set 'realness of concealness' maybe? the polkadot one anyway! & the small samples do last a long time! Not sure if about the lips ones, but eyecon should last a little while!

  2. Ooooh I love Benefit!!! Plus they're packaging is so neat! Oh my gosh Yay!!!! I would LOVE for you to enter my contest!!!! :D

  3. Ah THEIR. Not They're. DUH!!!!!! lol sorry for my incompetence!!!!